General Security Arrests 3 Lebanese Suspected of Recruiting IS Fighters

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

General Security has arrested in the past two days three Lebanese nationals tasked with recruiting gunmen to fight alongside the Islamic State extremist group, al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The agency's Intelligence Branch arrested the three men in separate raids in northern Lebanon. One of them was apprehended in the area of al-Mankoubine north of Tripoli and another in the city's Bab al-Ramel neighborhood.

The third was arrested in a raid in the town of Talmaayan in the district of Akkar, said al-Akhbar.

The daily quoted security sources as saying that the suspects' mission is to recruit men and facilitate their travel to Syria and Iraq.

General Security is monitoring the activities of similar networks to arrest their members, said the sources.

The IS has seized vast territory across Syria and Iraq.



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Default-user-icon mowaten.chimp.313 (Guest) 26 August 2015, 08:46

innocent until proven guilty unless they are sunnis. Since they were arrested in Akkar it means they are sunnis. Hence and therefore they are guilty.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 August 2015, 10:39

yea surely it must have nothing to do with the fact that they recruit terrorists for a group that kidnapped and beheaded lebanese soldiers and civilians.

Default-user-icon cityboy (Guest) 26 August 2015, 10:49

you know what is strange mowaten.... I was thinking the same thing exactly, the same!!!! The similarities between us are not just coincidences anymore. I mean we are both shiaa extremists who pretend to be secular and we both are members of the shia resistance, both paid to post, both are sectarian to the bone, both troll and make up accounts to insult people and then pretend we are against such practices.... I hope just because we are similar in all the above ways people don't think we are the same poster.

Default-user-icon eukaliptuz et mowaten (Guest) 26 August 2015, 12:45

Yen a marre des haineux et des sectaires.

Default-user-icon mowaten of zabadani (Guest) 26 August 2015, 11:13

they are only suspects at the moment and we cannot speculate what will happen to them ;)

Default-user-icon mowaten with only 2 accounts (Guest) 26 August 2015, 11:46

but remember @mowaten.chimp.313 they are only suspects at the moment and we cannot speculate ;)

Thumb barrymore 26 August 2015, 09:06

Arrest nassrallah who has recruited more than 50,000 terrorists.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 August 2015, 10:39

lol the only ones threatened by hezbollah resistance fighters are israelis and takfiris, which ones do you stand for?

Default-user-icon mowaten.fantoura (Guest) 26 August 2015, 10:43

is that all you have to say mowaten?

Missing CFTC 26 August 2015, 11:44

mowaten E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T. Still laughing since the day you declared with a straight face you were a shiaa atheist and also a member of hezbollah with only one account. I think i will also continue to laugh at your statement "which ones do you stand for? ". Thank you Thank you

Default-user-icon josephani@theresistance4.0 (Guest) 26 August 2015, 12:05

@mowaten, they don't like your answers so they vote down, then next they bring the trolls who insult you and your family. Boring.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 August 2015, 12:34

you call that answers? lol

Missing humble 26 August 2015, 11:13

Look at the "Either-or" rhetoric:
Either you are with Ebola OR you are zionist/takfiri/ wahhabi/ da3ishi.
Can you imagine what these people are trying to do?
They are attacking you instead of trying to answer your argument.
Why can't they answer your argument? Because it is true.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 August 2015, 12:34

where was the argument we should have answered exactly? what a joke you are, speaking random words like you dont care to make sense.

Default-user-icon city boy from zabadani (Guest) 26 August 2015, 12:47

exactly the same is my point of view mowaten!!! I did not see the argument and I laughed out loud at your comment: D. I hope by not laughing out very loud like you do, people don't think we are the same poster!

Default-user-icon mowaten (Guest) 26 August 2015, 12:54