Assad Says Western Action would Cause 'Quake,' Appeals for Russian Support

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian President Bashar Assad has warned that any Western action against his country would cause an "earthquake" that would inflame the region, in an interview published in a British newspaper.

The Sunday Telegraph said Assad warned of "another Afghanistan" if foreign forces intervened in Syria as they did with the Libyan uprising that led to the killing of Moammar Gadhafi.

"Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake -- do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans?," the paper quoted Assad as telling it.

"Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region. If the plan is to divide Syria, that is to divide the whole region," he said in his first interview with a Western journalist since Syria's seven-month uprising began in March.

His comments come after mass protests calling for the imposition of a Libya-style no-fly zone on Syria and renewed violence on Friday and Saturday in which dozens of security forces were reportedly killed.

Assad said "many mistakes" had been made by his forces in the early part of the uprising against his regime but insisted that his forces were now only targeting "terrorists.”

"If you sent in your army to the streets, the same thing would happen. Now, we are only fighting terrorists. That's why the fighting is becoming much less," he told the Sunday Telegraph.

He described the uprising as a "struggle between Islamism and pan-Arabism (secularism), adding: "We've been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950s and we are still fighting with them."

Assad also said that Syria had responded differently to Arab leaders in countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya where regimes have been overthrown this year, insisting that he had begun reforms.

"The pace of reform is not too slow. The vision needs to be mature. It would take only 15 seconds to sign a law, but if it doesn't fit your society, you'll have division … It's a very complicated society," he said.

Assad told Russian television on Sunday he expected continued support from Moscow even as his regime comes under growing condemnation for its crackdown on the opposition.

"First and foremost, we are relying on Russia as a country with which we are bound by strong ties, in the historic perspective," Assad told Moscow's Channel One television.

"Russia's role is extremely important," Assad said in a clip of an interview that will be broadcast in full at 1700 GMT.

"Starting from the first days of the crisis, we remained in constant contact with the Russian government. We give a detailed account to our Russian friends of the latest developments," he added.

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Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 30 October 2011, 07:32

A question to all Lebanese Christians barking on naharnet against the Syrian regime and its president Assad : What will you do , if another Afghanistan will see the day on the Lebanese borders , not far from Akkar and Tripoli , where their brothers of Fateh el Islam have their base and head quarters ?

Did you forget what they tried to do in Naher el Bared , when they killed and injured around 860 Lebanese soldiers from our brave army ?

Do you want to see these areas becoming officially arab sunni salafi emirates , is that what you really want ?

President Assad's warning is 100 % right , wake up and stop following hariri's people blindly , look for Lebanon's interest's , yours and your family and children's future , and not Saad Hariri's Saoudi's future and interests .

Thank you .

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) 30 October 2011, 08:20

Few weeks ago Kaddafi made similar claims and found plenty of stupid people to demonstrate in Tripoli in his support, he that stole Libya riches, massacred rivals, oppressed people, and instituted mafia politics to benefit family and profiteers, and buy loyalty. Now his supporters are realizing how blind and brainwashed they were.

Assad claims are not different from Kaddafi’s. As certain the sun will rise again, as certain Assad will fall. It may take time and he’ll cause as much mayhem as possible (like all tyrants during their fall), but that won’t change his assured fate.

As to Lebanon, our country is slowly poisoned by a cabinet formed by a criminal organization and a criminal regime. This is only possible compliment of four useful idiots (Aoun, Jumblat, Miqati and Rahi). They are all selling Lebanon for short term benefits and sacrificing our freedom and democracy. Worst is Aoun, another Kaddafi, the Don Corleon of political mafia, influence peddling and corruption.

Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 30 October 2011, 09:20

Another great comment by a another great leader, what earthquake is he talking about! Do you know your borders?
Jordan: in peace with israel
Israel: no comment, the're probably coming to you
Iraq: pro-american with their own problems
Turkey: ask their PM if he still likes you

Your only partner left is the Hezb, and Iran against the whole world, your support seems to be very slim...

Missing realist 30 October 2011, 09:29

He is beginning to sound like QAZAFE, Saddam, Osama, etc..only the libyan leader is way tougher and crazier. This is all good, signs of the beginning of the end :)

very interesting though how he said Syria is not like yemen, tunis, egypt but did not mention libya lol..very very educational..cause indeed Syria is just like Libya

Missing small.axe 30 October 2011, 11:56

Quotes from a thug:

"If you don't approve Lahoud as President, I will break Lebanon over your head" (Threat to Rafik Hariri before he was murdered)

"If the Lebanese government approves the STL, I will set Lebanon on fire"
(Threat to M14 government)

If you attack Syria, it will cause an "earthquake"
(Idle threat to western countries)

The earthquake will be at your palaces and safe houses. You are nothing but a cornered rat making idle threats, just like Saddam and Gadhafy. Your day will come soon.

Missing mansour 30 October 2011, 12:54

Praise Be To God His end is very slow and filled with misery for him and his people.Thank you

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 30 October 2011, 13:23

the earthquake already started in march, but now clearly ur calculations proved to be wrong.
as for russia, it already got humiliated enough in lybia.
as for the international intervention, u noticed that nato airforce will finish its job 31 octobre, and prepare ur pumpkin, it is HALLOWEEN.
what is really sad for some "minorities" that is still thinking , bashar is the "defender of the faith" in the orient.

Default-user-icon Earthquake (Guest) 30 October 2011, 16:08

..... the fault line of this expected earthquake goes right thru your backside..... Murderer!

Default-user-icon cs (Guest) 30 October 2011, 16:17

Bashar is living in a dream world....the only earthquake that will occur, will be the one that swallows him, his family and his regime. He is done, and is obviously delugional in thinking he can still save himself and his family. He should leave quickly and leave now, or it will overwhelm him and be too needs to wake up and face

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 30 October 2011, 17:30

This flat head bozo still threatening the world community in turning Syria into another Afghanistan. Gaddafi did it before and he got destroyed by the people. Bashar's threats only confirm his end. He thinks that the world will take his threats seriously and keep him and his thugs in power, but what he does not know that his threats are the very reasons that will unite the world powers to end his regime by tightening the snooze around his neck further and hang him high.

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 30 October 2011, 17:42

Your days are almost up ya Bashar. The Chinese have turned on you, and the Russians just warned the Hezz cabinet to step down if they don't fund the court. Two Iranian fingers in the region are on the chopping block

Syria first, then the Hezz.

Missing youssefhaddad 30 October 2011, 18:28

Louis XV said " apres moi le deluge" and Assad II says " After me the earthquake"! this latter days despot does not conceive that even those who seem to support him today will one by one leave him as long as the brave Syrians continue to challenge his tyranny.
A few weeks back Gaddafi was posturing in the same manner.....

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 30 October 2011, 19:16

You already sent bombers to Iraq and keep Lebanon destabilized, what else do you have???? Nothing that's what. Don't threaten the world like you threaten your population. There is always someone bigger than you ya Bashar. You are going to get what is coming to you.