Army Arrests 24 Palestinians in Nahr al-Bared and Jabal al-Beddawi


The Lebanese army arrested two Palestinian nationals in Nahr al-Bared in the northern city of Tripoli for preparing to illegally smuggle people to Turkey in a fishing boat, the Lebanese army Orientation Directorate said in a statement.

Palestinians Mohammed Saleh and Mohammed Majzoub were apprehended on Saturday during a raid that an army unit carried out in the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp.

They were trying to illegally smuggle people to Turkey by sea using a fishing boat, the statement added.

Furthermore, the army raided a residential apartment in Jabal al-Beddawi and arrested 21 Palestinians for a bid to travel outside Lebanon in an illegal manner with the help of the above.

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Thumb shab 06 September 2015, 18:37

Deport them

Default-user-icon RN (Guest) 06 September 2015, 22:39

Most of the people that comment on this website are the dumbest assholes I have ever come across. Xenophobic. Ignorant. And hardly worthy of being spoken "at," much less "to". The ones that manage to put longer sentences together with a veneer of "civilization" are even worse. I read this website for quick updates of news, but have to be constantly assaulted by such rubbish. They act as if Baba owns the newspaper and write whatever they want, dominating and polluting. I guess Nahar is happy with the constant racism and sexism that these people vomit out.

Default-user-icon Riad (Guest) 07 September 2015, 13:04

Agree with RN. This site doesn't seem to be moderated. So much hate speech and racism.

Default-user-icon RN (Guest) 21 September 2015, 15:02

This person wearing pyjamas writes about my “sectarian agenda" when nothing in my email pointed to support for Number 8. More moronic vomit and linguistic violence, demonstrating a chronic inability to recognize frameworks historically and socially cementing heads to assess and penises of most of the people commenting on this site.
He would also, “if he was in Lebanon,” take photos during the sandstorm: finding aesthetic beauty in the suffering of others and in the nasty glare of nuclear orange used by hollywood.
He calls me sectarian, while xenophobia drips from almost every statement he makes, while he thinks he is “talking politics”. Reducing history, colonialism and capitalism to nothing and reducing all to the presence of Iran. Both supporters of 14 and 8 do the same thing on this site: blaming everyone else for the woes of the country, except themselves and their friends, and especially attacking Palestinians in a way that would make the most psychotic zionist jealous.

Default-user-icon RN (Guest) 21 September 2015, 15:03

It seems Nahar is a cheap and nasty “mercenary” newspaper: not only publishing the rubbish of such people but also the racist advertisements of fascist European governments spreading lies about their refugee laws.