At Least 20 Dead as Rebel Rockets Hit Market in Yemen's Marib

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Iran-backed rebels fired Katyusha rockets at a busy market in Yemen's eastern city of Marib killing at least 20 people on Friday, medics and witnesses said.

"Twenty civilians were killed and dozens wounded" in the attack, a medical official said. Witnesses said the provincial capital's market was targeted.

The attack came hours after a Saudi-led coalition air strike killed seven rebels in Marib, where Apache helicopters have also joined the fight against Huthi Shiite insurgents and their allies.

The coalition strike targeted a military vehicle used by the rebels in Marib province, while other air raids targeted rebel positions in neighbouring Shabwa, military sources said. 

The UN estimates that more than 4,500 people have been killed in the Yemeni conflict since March.

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Default-user-icon Nassrallah (Guest) 11 September 2015, 13:08

I thought the sa3oodis had to hire mercenary troops to fight in Yemen, how come?

Default-user-icon southern huthi (Guest) 11 September 2015, 13:55

they tried to hire but they knew their fates....

Missing 11 September 2015, 16:27

Mystic - any outrage from your side?

Default-user-icon Mystic (Guest) 11 September 2015, 16:36

Outrage why? They should bomb them into oblivion.

Thumb ansarullah 11 September 2015, 13:23

Allah Y2awwi She3it Ali
Lan Tousba Zainib Marattayn

Thumb joebustani 11 September 2015, 13:42

7 minutes ago NNA: A Bangali maid was rushed to hospital after she threw herself from the third floor of her shiaa employer's house in Haret Saida.

Thumb justin 11 September 2015, 13:54

11 minutes ago AFP: 20 individuals died in rebel rockets that hit a market in Yemen's Marib.

The huthis should be tried for war crimes.

Default-user-icon Asma al-Assad (Guest) 11 September 2015, 13:59

Today is the President's birthday, my bashar! I made a cake and "asma bil 3asal" and we will celebrate houbbi's birthday at Idlib's air force base;)

Default-user-icon mowaten.fasweh (Guest) 11 September 2015, 14:27

tell the president happy birthday

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 11 September 2015, 14:02

FT, mowaten, younis, giveittoyou, and I are the 5 most informative posters on naharnet by 5 country miles. No wonder our comments are always in the VIP section of the top rated comments. No wonder..

Thumb barrymore 11 September 2015, 14:53

just like their hizb in Lebanon, all they know is how to kill babies, women, and civilians.

Default-user-icon flamethrower (Guest) 11 September 2015, 15:03

everyone that comments on this website is scum

Thumb ashtah 11 September 2015, 15:43

where did you see KSA media....! The article is by Source Agence France Presse.

Thumb ashtah 11 September 2015, 15:53

At least 14 civilians have been killed by rockets fired by Houthi rebels in Taiz
Rocket attack kills 20 in Yemen market
Rebel rockets kill 14 civilians in Yemen city: medics
At least 20 dead as rebel rockets hit market in Yemen's Marib

Default-user-icon mowaten.jalbout (Guest) 11 September 2015, 15:56

photoshop photoshop photoshop

Default-user-icon Abbas Shoeib (Guest) 11 September 2015, 16:13

I am here today thanks to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and thanks to those who kidnapped the Turkish pilots. I also thank General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim who planned, funded, and protected the Turkish pilots kidnappers.

Default-user-icon fan of bigjohn (Guest) 11 September 2015, 16:39

you see, bigjohn after visiting tartous every january and talking to Most Syrians and Most sunnis he stops by in Sanaa and Marib and he talks to Most yemenis about cluster bombs and KSA misleading media fabrications.

Default-user-icon joesphani (Guest) 11 September 2015, 16:59

موجة الغبار تتلاشى نهائياً مساء السبت

Default-user-icon flamethrower (Guest) 11 September 2015, 17:16

everyone that comments on this website is scum

Thumb EagleDawn 11 September 2015, 17:28

".Southern_. 3 days ago
Ansarullah are responding by hitting the military positions exclusively, although they have means to hit inside KSA sites; this is the difference between the wahhab-al-qaeda mentality and the freedom fighters... the Freedom Seekers always win no matter how much it will take."

Default-user-icon flamethrower (Guest) 11 September 2015, 17:42

relax, 1anonymetexasusa. this is war, and in wars, people in markets and bees die. The sa3oodis launched an insurgency and was swiftly contained. A few beekeepers and market shoppers aint what one qualifies as 'a massacre'. most are the bodies of the slain sa3oodis. of course children die as well, in wars, anywhere so no need to over-dramatize it, habboub.

Thumb ansarullah 11 September 2015, 20:06

15 minutes ago The Saudi civil defense said 52 people were killed when a crane crashed into Mecca's Grand Mosque.

lies lies! It was the will of Allah and Sayyedna Al Hussein that caused this as revenge against the Wahhabis.
Lan Tousba Zainib Marratayn Lan!