Man Lands in Hospital over Stray Cow in Naameh


A stray cow has left one person injured after two vehicles collided on the Naameh highway south of Beirut, the Traffic Management Center and Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said.

Several cars collided as the cow was crossing the highway, said VDL.

TMC only mentioned that a crash caused the injury of one person and that traffic came to a halt.

It was not clear if the cow came from a nearby farm or had escaped from a cattle truck.



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Missing humble 30 September 2015, 10:03

Ya Baqara!!!

Missing madhatter 30 September 2015, 14:45

Q: Why was the cow crossing the road?
A: To join the chicken who'd crossed earlier.

Thumb farsical.resistance 30 September 2015, 19:15

Members of the Hindu communities, outraged by the mistreatment of their prophet, rioted and burned cars while the leader the Hindu militia Sri Kumar Nasrallah told an angry mob that had a Hindu gone ahead and executed Supreme Swami Grand Mahatma Mohandas Khomeni's Karma against the apostate Patel Rushdie no one would have dared insult the profit like this.