'Heavy Arms' Fired at Baalbek over Sunday Deadly Shooting


Unknown gunmen fired heavy- and medium-caliber weapons Tuesday from the Ras al-Ain area towards Baalbek in connection with Sunday's deadly shooting in the northeastern city, state-run National News Agency reported.

The shelling was targeted at “the house of the father of Nader Yaghi,” where the latter's funeral was being held after he was killed in Sunday's incident.

“Lebanese army troops intervened immediately and started pursuing the shooters,” NNA said.

Yaghi and Hussein Tlais were shot dead Sunday as a personal dispute escalated into gunfire in a Baalbek market.

“As Tlais was leaving al-Jana jewelery store which he owns in Baalbek's Serail Street, he was shot at the hands of A. N. Z.,” NNA said on Sunday.

Yaghi was “passing in the area” at the time of the shooting, the agency added.


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Thumb ex-fpm 06 October 2015, 20:02

the fruits of the security plan in the Bekaa are clearly showing

Thumb liberty 07 October 2015, 07:12

they are vulgar, hateful, thieves, and sectarians.