Roukoz at 'Solidarity' Rally: I Have Been Promoted to Rank of 'Citizen'

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Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz took part Thursday in a rally organized in “solidarity” with him at Beirut's Martyrs Square, only hours after he retired from the military institution.

“I'm Chamel Roukoz, an army commando officer who was promoted hours ago to the rank of 'citizen',” the outgoing Commando Regiment chief said in a speech he delivered at the square.

“I will remain in the heart of the military institution through my commitment. I remember the martyrs and their families in these moments and I tell them that they are the cause and the foundations and that our army will always be the army of the people,” he added.

“I will not retire, because struggle and love for one's country are not confined to a suit, a post or a job. I will always be the man you know and we will have further meetings,” Roukoz concluded, addressing frenzied supporters.

A week ago, Colonel Maroun al-Qobayati was appointed as chief of the Commando Regiment to replace Roukoz.

Efforts had been exerted to reach a settlement on the promotion of several officers ahead of Roukoz's October 15 retirement.

Change and Reform bloc chief MP Michel Aoun had been hoping that the promotion of Roukoz, his son-in-law, would keep him in the military and make him eligible to lead the institution.

The thorny issue of military appointments is one of the main points of contention paralyzing the cabinet's work.


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Missing peace 15 October 2015, 20:09

is being a Citizen so bad?
don't cry many people retire without making a fuss of it....

Missing peace 15 October 2015, 20:26

so then all the army officers retiring should go to martyrs square and demonstrate! LOL

he is just an army officer like any one else... oh! because he is aoun's son in law is what makes him sooooo special? LOL

Missing jayjay 15 October 2015, 20:59

im sure all commando chiefs before him retired and organized a rally within minutes of retiring...isnt this customary in Aounistan?

Default-user-icon clémentine (Guest) 15 October 2015, 20:14

Gen. Shameless "self promoter" Roukoz at as solidarity rally called for by Claudine his wife on instagram.

Thumb Zaghloul 15 October 2015, 20:19

did he do it for free?

Missing humble 15 October 2015, 20:19

Chamelle huge deficiency is being the son-in-law of a mentally ill person...

Missing humble 15 October 2015, 20:23

Interesting proposal : become a general at Ebola...they pay a lot and have lost recently many top officers

Missing ghzayel 15 October 2015, 20:25

HE was a great officer and it's too bad Gen Aoun burnt his chances for promotion. WA MINAL 7OUBBI MA KATAL.

Thumb justin 15 October 2015, 21:39

hahaha norma ya norma;)!

Thumb marcus 15 October 2015, 22:23

the trio of flamethrower, mowaten and the_roar made this forum a mockery. Evil people with no life!

Missing humble 15 October 2015, 22:26

Best Norma ever.

Missing humble 15 October 2015, 22:29

Just compare the elegance of the comments of NORMA.JEAN and her friends with the low talks and insults from the Syrian and Iranian agents.

Default-user-icon Dodge (Guest) 15 October 2015, 22:30

..w 2ejt ddodge w darbto, 2aysh khassou roukoz

Missing VINCENT 16 October 2015, 02:44

Idiotic comment.

Thumb nickjames 16 October 2015, 05:53

Lol well said

Thumb liberty 16 October 2015, 07:04

what about Bassil?

Thumb ex-fpm 16 October 2015, 09:04

He is the other president

Thumb liberty 16 October 2015, 08:22

sure we should be grateful to an employee for doing what he was hired and paid to do.

Default-user-icon Assaad (Guest) 16 October 2015, 09:01

is he going to establish a Christian armed force to help Hezbollah protecting Lebanon from da3esh and from Israel ?? If General Aoun really thinks Lebanon needs Moukawama, he should help.

Thumb liberty 17 October 2015, 05:09

flamethrower the troll : isn't it that most citizens have a 9 to 5 job? that's what your shameless roukuz just got promoted to.

Missing theobserver 16 October 2015, 09:59

I see that the popularity of Roukoz is annoying many people here, the same people who backed him up when he was in the army and led the battle of Arsal and many others... This rally is just to launch his political carreer, and it launched it big time. Many other generals also , had a political carreer like Ashraf Rifi for example , not to mention Michel Suleiman. So dont blame the guy for wanting to go into politics to serve his country as he said.
Give him some time and the benefit of the doubt, and judge him on his actions in this new role and not on his family ties . I think we all agree that Lebanon needs charismatic and most important patriotic, transparent leaders, so let's see. Besides wouldnt u be happy if all what he will do is just moving Bassil away ! :)

Missing ysurais 16 October 2015, 10:01

ugly leb politics have burned u..
u are a very fine servicemen.

Thumb EagleDawn 16 October 2015, 15:54

Roukuz should take up acting.