Report: Rahi Appalled by Political Situation, International Indifference towards Lebanon


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi expressed dismay at the destiny of the political situation in Lebanon, blaming the christian leaders for not realizing the magnitude of danger surrounding the Christians, al-Mustaqbal daily reported on Sunday.

“Rahi arrived at a conviction that many political leaders, mainly Christians, do not want to elect a president because they are benefiting from the vacuum and from the absence of the president to exercise their powers on behalf,” sources close to the Patriarch told the daily.

“Rahi is also shocked by the indifference of the international community toward Lebanon,” they added.

“The Patriarch is working hard through his presence at the Synod of Bishops to restore Lebanon to the map of international attention through the Vatican,” the sources said.

“Diplomatic circles in Rome have expressed concern over the situation in Lebanon," which they said is "turning from bad to worse in light of the international indifference towards the country,” added the daily.

Vatican sources said that the Vatican's former Foreign Minister Monsignor Dominique Mamberti returned "pessimistic" from his recent visit to Lebanon, as he expressed concern over the outcome of the situation in the country mainly that of the Christian Maronites.

Lebanon has been without a president since the term of President Michel Suleiman ended in May 2014.

Conflicts between the March 8 and March 14 alliances have thwarted all efforts to elect a successor, leaving the top Christian post vacant for over 17 months now.

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Thumb ashtah 18 October 2015, 09:52

“Rahi arrived at a conviction that many political leaders, MAINLY Christians, do not want to elect a president because they are benefiting from the vacuum and from the absence of the president to exercise their powers on behalf,”

Missing humble 18 October 2015, 10:12

The Caporal and his "clique" have fabricated a so-called "black report" on Batrak Rahi which content is really disgusting. I did send a copy to Batrak, and certainly he must have received one through other means.
The "Black Report" which is supposedly written by the Vaticano is a complete insult to the Batrak. The Vaticano denied it this morning. Only one "dirty" source like the Caporal who is destroying the Christians could have done it. A repetition of their dirty attack against Batrak Sfeir in 1990.
Damn the Caporal, damn any and all his followers.
Any Christian who supports this dirty man is a dirty traitor.

Missing humble 18 October 2015, 12:16

Absolutely! It is clear that the source of this report is the Caporal.

Default-user-icon mowtaen (Guest) 18 October 2015, 11:53

what we need is a non religious man, a man whose priority is Palestine, a man who has no militia, a man who is only Lebanese, a man who believes in democracy, a man like Nasrallah.

Missing humble 18 October 2015, 12:24

During his speech on October 11th, the Caporal compared himself to Christ ("they crucified me") and compared the demonstrators to the Apostoles of Christ...this shows an acute mental disturbance!!!
Is it possible that he could be the new MESSIAH and we are not even realizing it????

Truly and really Majnuun and very VERY mareed...

Missing humble 18 October 2015, 15:23

No is in the mind of the supermegalomaniac in front of whom people kneel to receive a benediction by touching his trousers.
I am only observing real facts.

Missing humble 18 October 2015, 18:59

I am proud to be insulted by an idiot.
I remind you of your failed technique:

The diffamation technique which Ebola and FPM use is created by the Mollahs and uses in addition to Taqiyah (dissimulation) the Takhrib (attacking opponents instead of answering their arguments) and the Siahkari to defame someone (zionist, takfiri, saudi, wahhabi, da3ishi...).
This diffamation technique is revealed openly by Amir Taheri an iranian journalist. It is a proof that those who use it are under iranian command.

Default-user-icon Darwr101 (Guest) 18 October 2015, 19:17

What Patriarch Rahi is saying is a WARNING to Christians and Maronites in particular that given international indifference to what is going on in Lebanon, this will have negative consequences to their political representation and power sharing system...this has become a fact and maronite leaders from either side of the political divide must take heed before it is too late.

Thumb beiruti 18 October 2015, 19:23

The international community will not care about a country that does not care about itself. Yes, the Christian politicians are obstructing the election of a Christian president because under the status quo, each of them get to exercise the "presidential veto". It is the power of saying "no" that makes their zabrot get stiff and no one wants to give that up voluntarily.