ISF Arrests Car Theft, Armed Robbery Gang in Baalbek


Police said on Saturday that they have arrested a three-member armed robbery and car theft gang in the eastern city of Baalbek.

An Internal Security Forces communique said police arrested three Lebanese men during a raid they carried out in Baalbek.

The suspects admitted to investigators of forming a gang that steals cars and kidnaps individuals at gunpoint along with two other accomplices.

They also confirmed that they have stolen more than 15 cars – the latest of which was a Honda CRV - in less than month for the purpose of transporting them to the town of Brital and selling them there.

Furthermore, the three men said that they have carried out armed robberies and have stolen motorcycles in areas near Baalbek.

The communique issued by the ISF said that the suspects are drug dealers.

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Missing helicopter 20 February 2016, 16:52

HA reach goes as far as ALeppo and Tel Aviv, but they are incapable of reigning in drug dealers, thieves, and kidnappers in their own neighborhoods ....... who are they trying to fool?

Thumb justin 20 February 2016, 17:55

or they are unable to arrest Nouh Zoaiter who poses for photos with hezbollah members and commanders and takes selfies with them and who is wanted on more than 200 arrest warrants.

Missing helicopter 20 February 2016, 18:31

They were not thugs, they were Resistance Brigades.

Thumb liberty 21 February 2016, 05:59


You are a fake and you are oblivious to how apparent it is.

Thumb liberty 21 February 2016, 06:45

لا سيارة عاصية على السارقين في بعلبك الهرمل و"المهنة ربيحة" سواء بيعت أو استردت لقاء بدللا-سيارة-عاصية-على-السارقين-في-بعلبك-الهالهرمل-والمهنة-ربيحة-سواء-بيعت-أو-استردت

but again they are just a few.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 21 February 2016, 12:17

good job @terrorist for exposing this imposter.