Shukur, Alloush Heated Debate Erupts into On-Air Fistfight

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A heated debate between Baath Party leader Fayez Shukur and Mustaqbal Movement official ex-MP Mustafa Alloush erupted into a verbal clash and a fistfight during a live talk show on MTV on Monday.

As the two were arguing over the Syrian crisis, Shukur repeatedly asked Alloush to refrain from describing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a “tyrant”, “criminal” and “liar”.

Alloush, however, insisted that he had the right to speak his mind.

“You are a liar and your master is a liar,” Shukur shouted at the rival Mustaqbal official at that point, which prompted Alloush to hit back with “shut your mouth!” and “eat s***.”

An infuriated Shukur retaliated with a tirade of obscenities and cursed Alloush’s mother.

He then hit Alloush with a pen and a cup of water and carried a chair to assault the rival politician. The show’s host, a shocked Walid Abboud, physically intervened at that point and prevented Shukur from reaching Alloush.

The program then went off air before resuming around 10 minutes later, with the two foes returning to their seats and the episode witnessing no further incidents.

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Default-user-icon Speechless (Guest) 14 November 2011, 23:17

What a joke, how do we expect to build a country with clowns like this (both guys).

Default-user-icon Majnoun (Guest) 14 November 2011, 23:32


Default-user-icon taaaaa (Guest) 14 November 2011, 23:43

this is lebanon hahhahahahahaahhahaa

Missing peace 14 November 2011, 23:45

are there any "responsible" politician left in middle ages lebanon?

Default-user-icon + OUA NABKA + (Guest) 14 November 2011, 23:48

democracy at its best , hope these kind of debate happens in all arab league countries

Thumb geha 14 November 2011, 23:51

an example of the thugs we have to deal with.
we all say and believe that Assad is a liar.....

Thumb mrbrain 14 November 2011, 23:54

A Dr prescribing shit as a medicine and the other Dr is using profanity to create a psychological change!!!!
The Analysis:
1 - Walid Abboud is the Jerry Springer of Lebanon
2- The followers of Shokr and Allouch should really understand the low level of their sectarian Leaders
3- Dr Allouch planned provocation will gain him the momentum he lost when he negatively commented the freedom in KSA
4-The Lebanese version of freedom has proven its destructive nature
5-The only TV that should have a news section is Tele Liban the rest should be banned from spreading hatred among the Lebanese
6- The Army is the only hope. He should ban doctors from practicing sorcery!!

Default-user-icon nadimh (Guest) 14 November 2011, 23:57

alloush was wait of line? Assad is a liar and a tyrant. The assad family bloodline is down to its last drop.

Default-user-icon خليل (Guest) 15 November 2011, 00:17

الى متى حزب البعث سيسمح له ببلدنا انه يتطاول عالناس؟

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 15 November 2011, 00:18

Why are folks surprised, after all people who dare disagree with the Baathists often end up dead, violence is their preferred tool to silence their critics.

Default-user-icon Brandish (Guest) 15 November 2011, 00:18

So a follower of the biggest lying machine, that of Hariri Mafia, dares to call others liars! Go figure. It's like Jumblatt calling Geagea criminal and a traitor!

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 15 November 2011, 00:57

Aieeb!! That they should be willing to fight for the country rather than over the murder next door!

Missing people-power 15 November 2011, 01:13

A great example of the Baath Party behavior, like we saw at the pharmacy a few months ago. They can insult others but cannot take it in return, and they resort to violence if they don't get their way.

This behavior is not compatible with democracy and freedom of speech. Under a dictatorship government, or in mafia and militia controlled societies, this type of attitude and behavior is common. Intimidation and violence against one's enemies. They believe that only they are allowed to throw insults, and that they are above being insulted in return.

Once Assad is deposed, then Hezbollah, SSNP, Baath Party, and Amal will be severely weakened, and eventually this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated or relevant.

Default-user-icon amir (Guest) 15 November 2011, 01:15

This is democracy in full Scale....
It happens in Taiwan, in Spain, in Italy and Latin America.....
However the reason is usually domestic Politic and domestic agenda......

In Lebanon.....The excitement is to defend, protect and fight for a foreign leader or foreign policy.....
What a sell out and what is Shame....Not Democracy any more just blind stupidity

Default-user-icon فايز القوي (Guest) 15 November 2011, 02:01

السيد فايز انسان قوي جدا و لكن للأسف في وقت قريب جدا سيمضي في نوم عميق هو و أعوانه و لن يزكره التاريخ الا في مثل هذه المواقف المقرفة.

Missing abou_ziz 15 November 2011, 02:19

Saying that Bachar is a liar is very kind, he's more than a liar he is a criminal.

M.Alloush is courageous facing syrians and beqaa scums.
BTW Alloush was not choosen by his party to be MP so how to describe him as a slave ?

He is totaly right and with such a piece of shit (shukur) defending a man killing his own people in front of him, how could he stay calm ?

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 15 November 2011, 02:22

This is how Syrian backed politicians always act. Now they are more frustrated knowing they paychecks will soon be gone.

Typical animal behavior from an animal axis.

Missing people-power 15 November 2011, 02:53

People-mite....... if you think I am bothered by your post, you will be greatly disappointed. I couldn't care less what you have to say, I only feel sorry for you.

Default-user-icon سوري حر (Guest) 15 November 2011, 02:56

شكر احد شبيحة عصابة الاجرام في لبنان ماذا تنتظرون منه غير السقاطة والنجاسة وقلة الادب لما اخترع لفظ قذارة وسقاطة نظروا الى هؤلاء الساقطين الانذال وهذا شكر واحد من هؤلاء السفلة المجرمين الذي سيناله ما سينال عصابة الاجرام المحتلة لسوريا يا جماعة خفوا شوية عليهم شكر فلتانة اعصابه لانه عرفان نهايته ونهاية عصابة الشبيحة المحتلة لسوريا سوف تداس باقدام الشرفاء في لبنان ايها الحقير كما ستداس العصابة المحتلة لسوريا باقدام احرار سوريا قريبا يعني بدي يلمس على راسه لان رح يطير قريبا باذن الله وسوف تتحرر سوريا ولبنان من عصابات الشبيحة من حزب الشيطان الى حزب مراد الى حزب وهاب الى حردون الى عصابة نبيه بري ايضا عصابة عون وفرنجية المستاجرين للعمل لخدمة العصابة المحتلة لسوريا

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) 15 November 2011, 03:02

Aloush is brave to speak his mind and tell it like it is, I hope he does not get assassinated very soon by the thugs.
There is nothing wrong with stating the facts, Shukur is representing who? Syrian Baath party in Lebanon? when this thug asks Aloush who are you to believe or not to believe Bashar, the answer should have been that I am Lebanese unlike you.

Default-user-icon Bassel (Guest) 15 November 2011, 03:11

Mithlma Takounu Uwalla 3alaykum........

Thumb Marc 15 November 2011, 05:02

How shameful is that?

Missing mansour 15 November 2011, 06:12

this is great.....Long live the civil war in syria.Thank you

Missing lubnani 15 November 2011, 06:19

Welcome to Lebanon, now everyday life live on TV!

Default-user-icon Su3ad (Guest) 15 November 2011, 07:13

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA a great example of our society and politicians! hahahahahahahahahahaha

Missing khalid 15 November 2011, 07:28

Both men represented their constituency remarkably accurately.

Missing khalid 15 November 2011, 07:29

SSNP and Bathist are up there with Lahoud army and the HEZB as the worst imports to Lebanon

Default-user-icon ASSAAD123 (Guest) 15 November 2011, 08:33

هل كان البعثي سينزعج إلى هذه الدرجة لو كانت تهمة الكذب موجهة إليه شخصياً أو إلى الرئيس اللبناني ؟؟

Default-user-icon G (Guest) 15 November 2011, 13:04

No roundhouse kicks?

After Shukur said, "sirmayti ashraf minak", thats when Alloush said "kol khara, shut ur mouth"...naharnet u skipped an important sentence.

Default-user-icon anyone heard the shoe? (Guest) 15 November 2011, 13:20

did anyone hear 'wlak 2ana SermEyté 2ashraf mennak!... w men m3allmak!' part?

Thumb leblover 15 November 2011, 13:41

اعتقد انه من الافضل ل فايز شكر التنازل عن جنسيته اللبنانية لانه لا يستحقها و لا يستحق ان يحمل الهوية اللبنانية و لم يجد سيبلا ليسكت علوش الا بضربه و هذا ليس بجديد عن البعثيين الذين تعودوا اسكات الناس بالضرب و القتل. فهنيئا لك سوريا يا لبناني مرتد

Missing lebanesy 15 November 2011, 13:51

Nobody has the right to allow or disallow people to speak their honest opinion about anybody in a democratic country. They don't like democracy, they can simply leave Lebanon.
Well done MTV for not cutting the the live coverage too early!
This shows us all what to expect when the so called majority runs the country.
I hope GMA wakes up before it's too late if he uses 1% of what is left of his brain! He will be on the O-comedy channel tonight anyway defending his thugs.
Bye Bye Syria and Hizb Allah. A dream coming true slowly but better then never!
God bless Lebanon!

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 15 November 2011, 15:46

The true shame is that while these two go kinetic over the veracity of Bashar al Assad, Hezbollah is quietly taking over their country, little by little, step by step until at the end their pockets will have been picked clean except for the lint.

Missing jabal 15 November 2011, 17:07

very civilised... they must be paid well to defend their respective masters this much...

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 15 November 2011, 17:08

(who are you to not beleive in assad) He should have answered him . I am a free Lebanese who kisses no murderer feet who is non lebanese. You like assad go to syria .you cant force your opinions on free lebanese people.
Oh will when the snake is cornered watch out. you have to shoot it in the head .

Default-user-icon لبناني (Guest) 15 November 2011, 21:22

يعني مبسوطين فيهن والله اللي عمبدافع عن هيد ا ولا هيداك نفسيتن مريضة حلكن تعرفو يا لبنانيين انو 8 اذار ولا 14 اذار تنايناتهم اكذب من بعض ..

Thumb shab 15 November 2011, 22:25

tick tock Bashar and Shukr

Thumb shab 15 November 2011, 22:27

Anybody who understands Lebanese can hear that Shukr started the insults