Kataeb Students Stage Demo over Trash Crisis, Demand Resignation of CDR Head

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The student department of the Kataeb Party on Sunday marched from Saifi to the government's headquarters and the Council for Reconstruction and Development to condemn the authorities' failure to resolve the waste management crisis that has been running since last summer.

Carrying Lebanese and Kataeb flags, the students marched from the party's headquarters in Saifi towards central Beirut before staging a sit in outside the Grand Serail, amid strict security measures by anti-riot police.

“We demand the resignation of CDR chief Nabil al-Jisr if he does not want to perform his duties,” the protesters urged.

Speaking to reporters, Kataeb student department chief Ralph Sahyoun called for “an immediate eco-friendly solution that can remove the garbage from the streets.”

“We have filed a lawsuit with the judiciary but we have not seen any result and the issue has become intolerable,” he added.

“Enough is enough. We cannot continue in this manner. We have proposed solutions but no one is listening. Are they asleep?”

Sahyoun also called on authorities to release the municipalities' overdue funds to allow them to play their role in the waste management file.

The country's unprecedented garbage crisis erupted on July 17 when the main landfill in Naameh closed over capacity and health concerns and the government failed to find alternatives.

Ten days ago, the government decided to return to a plan based on landfills after its decision to send the trash abroad hit a dead-end due to contractors' failure to submit authentic documents.

Several parties have accused Britain-based Chinook Urban Mining company, which was selected by the government to manage the export scheme, of “fabricating” permits aimed at sending the garbage to Russia.

On Wednesday, Kataeb Party leader MP Sami Gemayel filed a lawsuit against the Council for Development and Reconstruction for its long-running failure to follow up on the trash management file.

“The CDR is the body eligible to follow up on the work of the companies that are tasked to handle Lebanon's waste but it failed to do so and no one held it responsible for that,” said Gemayel.


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Missing peace 28 February 2016, 20:15

as hezbis lovers are so enthusiastic to protest, why aren't they protesting against the pollution of Lebanon? LOL