15 Artillery Shells Fired by Israel Land on Border near Shebaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A number of artillery shells fired by Israel during military maneuvers landed by the occupied Shebaa Farms in the South, reported the National News Agency on Wednesday.

It said that “so far” 15 shells landed on the border near the occupied region.

The maneuvers had been ongoing since 3:00 pm, it said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israel began delivering its new mid-range missile defense system to air bases to defend itself against possible attacks from Hizbullah.

The Lebanese-Israeli border frequently witnesses violations by Israel as members of its military cross a few meters into Lebanon for various surveillance operations.

Troops have also kidnapped on various occasions Lebanese shepherds in the area, often releasing them after a few hours of interrogation.

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Thumb Mystic 02 March 2016, 16:33

Israel and Saudi Arabia working together as always.
Saudi sponored takfiris on one front, Israel on another.

Missing peace 02 March 2016, 19:50

what would you do with your boring days posting BS here if israel did not exist anymore? you would be out of business! hezbollah lives thanks to israel! no more israel no more hezb... that is why hezbollah needs israel to keep its business open andd brainwash sheep like you! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

they are both in need of each other... you keep Lebanon weak to the utmost pleasure of israel.....

Missing arturo 03 March 2016, 13:27

This is an opportunity for Lebanon to bring this before the UN and seek a resolution that prevents countries from having military maneuvers.