Report: Hezbollah declares general mobilization as Israel seizes Rafah crossing


Hezbollah has declared general mobilization to be prepared should Israel decide to expand the war on Lebanon, after the Israeli army seized control of the Rafah border crossing in Gaza, Shiite Duo sources have said.

“International sides have not ruled out that Israel might expand the war as a preventative step, in order to prevent Hezbollah from repeating what Hamas did with its invasion of the Israeli settlements in the Gaza envelope area,” the sources told the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

The sources added that Hezbollah has started using “advanced weapons” in the face of Israel’s “breach of the rules of engagement,” hoping that it will be able to impose a “new equation” that would prevent Israel from expanding the war.

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Thumb gebran_sons 08 May 2024, 19:51

THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD DIE BY THE SWORD. If balance of terror is here to stay, does Lebanon have a chance to escape Iran’s occupation, Hizb reign of terror, misery and hell? How can we explain to our kids why we allowed the rape of our country & culture by the Basij? How did we allow Hizb/Assad unpunished killing of Hariri, Tueni, Chatah, Slim, Sleiman & counting? Lebanon has lost many won wars from UN resolutions to International tribunal. Time to lock all traitors, political prostitutes and Hizb’s Trojan horses. No secret Netanyahu owes his election wins to Hizb & Hamas rockets. Israel radicals could only stay in power and prevent 2-state solution if Hizb keeps its rockets. Haven’t Palestinian suffered enough by Israelis, Hamas, Hizb & Vultures of Tehran. This tragedy must stop. Peace was almost signed in 2000. Germany & France fought hundred years war but became best friends after economic union, and so can the Middle East. Liberate Lebanon now from Hizb thugs!

Thumb gebran_sons 08 May 2024, 19:56

Hizbollah is Iran’s Foreign Legion occupying Lebanon and converting South into Basij training ground & Iranian rocket base since long range missiles have proven ineffective easily destroyed. Recent events left no doubt Hizb role has nothing to do with liberating Shebaa or Palestine. Cedar Revolution II million plus march is the process to disarm Hizb & Hamas, that will also get rid of embarrassing PM, Vichy government & army leaders and anyone not supporting full sovereignty. Permanent peace is worth hundreds of billions with Lebanon’s share around $70 billion if we succeed in disarming Hizb & Hamas, sufficient funds to fix all the damage Hizb and its puppets caused and restore Lebanon role, culture and soul. Disarming conditioned on the world deposing Netanyahu, instituting viable 2-states & Marshall Aid Plan; in addition to agreement on borders & refugees; aid package will focus on investments in South, Beqaa & North to insure full employment & dignified lives to oppressed Lebanese.

Thumb gebran_sons 08 May 2024, 19:57

If US, Europe & Gulf want permanent peace & 2-State solution no one can stop them not even Netanyahu & Nasrallah love story. Hizb & Useful Idiots are 90% responsible for Lebanon bankruptcy turning it into a beggar nation run by Basij with no dignity, honor, justice or freedom. Cedar Revolution I did not include Shia support. Shia will be prominent in Cedar Revolution II as all masks have fallen. Then army give ultimatum to Hizb to surrender its arms followed by war of liberation if Hizb objects. Yes, fourth generation Lebanese from around the world will volunteer to liberate Lebanon from this criminal militia & corrupt political mafia to restore our culture, freedom & way of life. Hizb support is a mirage, forced by arms & indoctrination not unlike 90% of Iraqi Shia voting for Saddam. As to Michel Aoun, if he & FPM do not support Army’s war against Hizb, his wars against LF will make him a war criminal. Lets hope Hizb smartly disarms.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 00:31

Fee2 minno, let's cut through the illusions. The West, especially the US, thrives on chaos in the Middle East—it's their bread and butter. Open your eyes! Look at the undeniable pattern: they engineer conflicts across the MENA region, from spawning groups like Al Qaeda and Daesh to backing militias in Sudan and Libya. It's all part of their sick game—they rake in profits from arms sales and plunder natural resources with no remorse. And don't even get me started on Gaza. The genocide there isn't some random act—it's about greed, pure and simple. They're after the offshore gas, and they'll do whatever it takes to grab it.

Thumb gebran_sons 09 May 2024, 06:06

Today interest of US, Europe and Gulf is permanent peace in Middle East. For US, Israel under Netanyahu is a major and costly liability and distraction from Ukraine and China. Same for Europe that can no longer defend Apartheid in Israel with its growing Islamic population nor expensive aid & rebuilding efforts. Europe focus is Ukraine that can evolve into a tactical nuclear war with millions of European death. Saudi Arabia economic vision and credit rating will fail if no permanent peace to support investment and tourism. This may cause internal problems, exodus of capital, and economic disasters not unlike Lebanon fate. Hamas and Hizb are keeping radicals in Israel in power and preventing 2-state solution, the only hope for a better future for Palestinians. Marshal type aid plan will insure vibrant growing economies in both West Bank/Gaza and Lebanon for full employment and rebuilding trust away from radicalization & hate. War has losers, economic integration has winners.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 14:11

While Hezbollah undoubtedly wields significant influence in Lebanon, blaming them for all of the country's woes is a gross oversimplification. Lebanon's problems run much deeper and are rooted in decades of corruption, mismanagement, and sectarianism. Singling out Hezbollah as the scapegoat for Lebanon's troubles is a cheap political ploy that does nothing to address the systemic issues plaguing the country.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 14:18

Suggesting that the primary concern of these entities is achieving "permanent peace" in the Middle East is laughable. While peace may be a stated goal, their interests in the region are far more complex and often driven by strategic, economic, and security considerations. To reduce their motivations to a simplistic desire for peace ignores decades of geopolitical maneuvering, military interventions, and support for authoritarian regimes that have fueled instability rather than promoting peace.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 14:19

Sure, Saudi Arabia has outlined ambitious economic reforms as part of its Vision 2030 agenda, to suggest that the success of this vision hinges solely on achieving peace in the Middle East is absurd. Saudi Arabia's economic fortunes are influenced by a myriad of factors, including global oil prices, domestic stability, and regional geopolitics. While peace may contribute to a more favorable investment climate, framing it as a make-or-break factor for Saudi Arabia's economic future is misleading.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 14:20

Hamas and Hezbollah certainly play a role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but pinning the failure to achieve a two-state solution solely on these groups is a gross oversimplification. The reality is far more complex, with numerous actors, including the Israeli government, contributing to the ongoing impasse. The portrayal of Hamas and Hezbollah as the sole obstacles to peace ignores the broader context of occupation, settlement expansion, and political deadlock that have stymied negotiations for decades.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 14:21

Finally, proposing a "Marshal-type aid plan" as a solution to the region's woes is both naive and patronizing. Economic development is undoubtedly important, but it cannot be divorced from broader political, social, and security considerations. Any attempt to impose top-down economic solutions without addressing the underlying causes of conflict and instability is doomed to fail. Furthermore, invoking the Marshall Plan, which was implemented in a vastly different historical context, is a simplistic and misguided comparison.

Thumb gebran_sons 08 May 2024, 19:59

No country allows armed militias and foreign fighters. Would any Arab country allow armed Hamas? Egypt did not even let civilian Gazans cross its borders. Lebanon prime minister, cabinet, MPs & army are either complicit with Hizb/Hamas or incompetent and impotent. They are responsible for turning Lebanon into occupied Banana Republic with no sovereignty, dignity or freedom. Luckily public anger combined with capable new Diaspora will put an end to this charade by organizing Cedar Revolution II, with significant Shia participation, to get rid of political mafia and insure no arms outside army and major reforms. With domestic and foreign support, Hizb and Hamas will be disarmed in no time in exchange for border demarcation, permanent peace and $70 billion aid package to restore Lebanon economy and institutions. Peace will open borders to Israel, Jordan and Egypt making South most valuable land and pipeline preferred route,

Thumb gebran_sons 08 May 2024, 20:01

Permanent peace in Middle East is worth hundreds of billions. Ukraine War cost is many hundreds of billion and million victims. Hamas/Israel war direct and indirect cost is also in the hundreds of billion. Conflict can torpedo Gulf nations 2030 economic visions that depend on peace, tourism, economic outlook & credit rating; causing hundreds of billion in failed investments. UNWRA, UNIFIL, aid grants & reconstruction cost are more wasted billions. Therefore a $200 billion Marshall Plan package paid by the world community for permanent Arab-Palestinian-Israeli peace is the best investment the world can make; restoring sanity & significantly cheaper than future wars, misery, radicalism and illegal immigration. It is also a prelude to Saudi and other Arab peace accords; leaving Iran as the emperor with no cloth about to be deposed by oppressed Iranians. Lebanon deserves at least $70 billion grant package restoring its soul, culture, meaningful jobs & leading role in the region.

Thumb gebran_sons 08 May 2024, 20:02

With $70 billion aid package, major reforms, investment projects & permanent peace with open southern border; Lebanon will rise like a phoenix to rebuild institutions & infrastructure; enshrine democracy, freedom, liberal economy & restore intellectual and cultural leading role in the region. The damage caused by Hizbollah, its Useful Idiots and Trojan Horses to our institutions, education, health, justice and banking system will be reversed. Public debt will be managed. Major construction projects will start as soon as political mafia replaced with honest and competent leaders to implement reforms, transparency, accountability & good governance. Projects from new airports, modern ports, monorail (Tyr-Tripoli), multiple tunnels, artificial islands, maritime fiber link to Europe, mini-silicon valleys with giga-wifi, satellite universities geared to educate remote high tech workers, digitation of public services, etc. The sky the limit!

Thumb 09 May 2024, 00:37

The vision you present is nothing more than a fairy tale concocted by someone who is completely out of touch with the harsh realities facing Lebanon. To suggest otherwise is not only naive but also deeply disrespectful to the millions of Lebanese who continue to suffer under the weight of corruption, economic collapse, and political dysfunction.

Peace in the Middle East is a pipe dream that has eluded policymakers for decades. Suggesting that Lebanon can achieve permanent peace with its southern neighbor, Israel, without addressing the underlying geopolitical tensions and conflicts in the region is naive at best. Hezbollah's influence and actions are just one piece of a much larger puzzle that cannot be solved with wishful thinking.

Thumb gebran_sons 09 May 2024, 05:41

Egypt just got $50 billion in grant and loan for its role in helping negotiations over Gaza war. Lebanon role is way more important as alone could disarm HizbIran and Hamas a prerequisite for 2-state solution and permanent Arab-Israeli peace after deposing Netanyahu & company. Israel-Palestinians almost reached peace on 2-state solution in 2000 during Clinton presidency derailed when Arafat got cold feet at last moment. No better time for seeking regional peace that will be the end of Iranian regime. Cedar Revolution II & Green Revolution II are the solution and we should join efforts starting with both diasporas. $70 billion to Lebanon are peanuts if we are the catalyst of permanent regional peace. No doubt we are and it is time we liberate our country from the thugs and political mafia.

Missing phillipo 09 May 2024, 12:46

You tend to forget that in the late 1980's a peace agreement between Lebanon and Israel was negotiated. Unfortunately when it reached the then occupiers. Syria. they threw it in the refuse basket.
There is nothing in that document which can not be implemented today,if only the government of the Republic of Lebanon and the LAF decided that they have to implement the paragraph of Resolution 1701 regarding the absence of all non-governmental armed forces south of the Litani River.

Thumb 09 May 2024, 14:11

$70 billion aid package: Where is this money supposed to come from? Expecting such an astronomical sum to magically materialize without any concrete plans or commitments from international donors is downright delusional. Even if such funds were miraculously secured, the likelihood of them being squandered or siphoned off by corrupt elites is incredibly high, given Lebanon's track record of mismanagement and embezzlement.

Thumb gebran_sons 09 May 2024, 14:22

THE STONE BUILDERS REJECTED HAS BECOME CORNERSTONE: Lebanon is key for permanent peace in the Middle East. No other country more important. It alone can make a difference between temporary ceasefire and permanent comprehensive peace, btw bottomless waste of money and regional golden age; btw balance of terror and socio-eco-political interdependency. Permanent peace only possible by deposing the evil trilogy: Hamas/Hizbollah/Netanyahu and rebuilding trust & economic integration that are only security for peace and 2-state solution. Lebanese army after mandate from Cedar Revolution II with Shia participation must disarm Hizbollah & Hamas, thus eliminating Iran’s tentacles & radicals breeding ground. Action coordinated with international plan to depose Netanyahu, demarcate borders, impose 2-state solution & Marshal-type aid package for Gaza/W Bank, Lebanon, Sinai & Jordan to insure prosperous economies, reconstruction & full employment.