Franjieh: Hizbullah is a Resistance that Makes Lebanon, Arabs Proud

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of the Marada Movement MP Suleiman Franjieh lamented on Thursday the labeling of Hizbullah as a terrorist organization by Arab countries.

He said via Twitter: “Hizbullah as a resistance movement makes Lebanon and the Arabs proud.”

It is unfortunate that the party is however being targeted by Arabs, “which only appeases our only enemy, Israel,” he remarked.

The Gulf Cooperation Council on Wednesday blacklisted Hizbullah as a “terrorist organization,” a day after Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia of pressuring Lebanon to silence his party.

The GCC cited the party's "terrorist acts and incitement in Syria, Yemen and in Iraq," which were threatening Arab security.

Tensions rose in Lebanon last week when Saudi Arabia announced that it was halting $4 billion in aid to the Lebanese army and security forces.

Its decision was followed by a travel warning and a decision to blacklist several individuals and firms over their alleged ties with Hizbullah.

Several Gulf states also issued travel advisories to Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia has linked its move to Lebanon's refusal to join the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in condemning attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran, and alleged Hizbullah "terrorist acts against Arab and Muslim nations."



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Thumb barrymore 03 March 2016, 13:27

hahaha! and you wonder why the Arabs gave up on Lebanon;)!

Missing peace 03 March 2016, 16:41

sure because hezbollah does all they can to improve the lebanese economy, they are actively working to provide jobs for the youth, to improve people's standard of living, improve lebanon's infrastructure mooooo hek?

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 03 March 2016, 13:33

It is making Arabs proud all over : from Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, KSA, UAE, Bahrain and of course Iran. A resistance committing massacres against civilians, openly plotting and training yemeni terrorists to carry out suicide missions in Riyadh surely is making someone like franjieh proud.

Thumb ex-fpm 03 March 2016, 13:43

and who is he to speak on behalf of Arabs and to know what makes them proud? He is just al mustaqbal presidential candidate;)

Thumb marcus 03 March 2016, 13:58

Kick this failed country called Lebanon out of the Arab league, boycott it, and sanction it.

Thumb Maxx 03 March 2016, 15:27

The Lebanese are already suffering because of your Syrio-Iranian Occupation Force. Thank you for admitting that you're a filthy Farsi...

Thumb Maxx 03 March 2016, 17:34

It's not me who's offended, but the Lebanese flag that you desecrate by associating yourself with it, you cradle of Farsi filth!

Thumb liberty 04 March 2016, 01:34

totally agree @marcus.

Thumb lebanon_first 03 March 2016, 14:22

c'est le monde a l'envers...

Frangieh backed by hariri backing hezbollah backing Aoun backed by Geagea, the ally of Hariri...

In reality, Hezbollah is calling the shots and does not want a president. Else they would have instructed Berri to vote for Aoun.

Once again, the party of weapons is taking over Lebanon...

Thumb Maxx 03 March 2016, 15:02

Kafka could have just copy-pasted the news and none of his readers would have realized it's not fiction. ;)

Missing un520 03 March 2016, 14:53

Franjieh just wrote he himself out of the picture with this untimely comment in the middle of a crisis. He will probably still be used as the useful idiot for a while before he is dumped back to the backyard of Ehden.

Thumb Maxx 03 March 2016, 15:08

Hizb is a Syrio-Iranian Occupation Force - the modern equivalent of Jeish La7ad - who are traitors to the Arab ethnicity, an insult to Lebanon and all Lebanese the world over, and a disgrace to Shia Islam! I don't care what Hizb have been doing in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other Arab countries, it is enough to see the perverse damage they have caused Lebanon over the past decade and a half to label them as terroristic scum. Total obliteration would be too good for them. Exterminate the brutes! All of them!

Missing helicopter 03 March 2016, 16:16

He started growing the beard to fit HA image, next he needs to get rid of the tie.

Missing people-power 03 March 2016, 18:34

How could Saad nominate this idiot?

Thumb liberty 04 March 2016, 01:34

because he also is one.

Thumb Elemental 03 March 2016, 20:04

You're proud to be manipulated by Iranians? That makes no sense, probably have his family at sniper point too if he speaks against. Lebanese should not be proud of being controlled by foreign powers, that includes KSA, clearly he among others is a sellout to his own people. Think anyone will stand up to this nonsense? I doubt it, the people in general have lost their way. Pride in that country has faded out, in fact does not exist anymore.

Thumb popeye 04 March 2016, 05:16

no but you are iranian

Missing the_truth 03 March 2016, 22:34

No it is not. Lebanese army is the only form of resistance and peace keeping we need. Stupid person.

Missing alyanko10452 04 March 2016, 03:34

I hope you will never ever ever ever become president. You should have stayed in kindergarten where you belong.

Thumb Machia 04 March 2016, 06:48

I don't care what the Arabs or Frangieh say but Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation because it assassinated innocent Lebanese, including the late Rafic Hariri.
Hezbollah is in the business of hate and fear. They should be banned and its leaders tried.

Thumb kayveman 04 March 2016, 13:27

He says that because like the most of us, he is genuinely scared of HA and what they can do. He knows that they can easily get rid of both their friends and enemies, often by killing them or threatening to do so and silencing them. Either way, he won't be a president. Because if he stands up to HA he is doomed and if he doesn't no one will accept him. Tough position for the guy...

Missing bandit 06 March 2016, 06:19

The only way to get Lebanon back is to make peace with Israel, transfer back all Palestinians back to Israel, and have Israel and the real Lebanese army kick the shit out of the Iranian army in Lebanon. Then we can have peace.