Large Captagon Shipment Uncovered at Tripoli Port


Customs agents at the port of the northern city of Tripoli succeeded on Thursday in thwarting an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of captagon narcotic pills to Jordan, reported the National News Agency.

The shipment was being transported from a truck to a ship ahead of sailing to Jordan.

The security forces have since arrested the owner of the vehicle and he has been referred to the concern judiciary.

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Missing humble 24 March 2016, 18:09

Where is the Captagon being manufactured? This is the important question.

Missing humble 24 March 2016, 18:32

Where else??? Where saints are being manufactured...Of course

Thumb gigahabib 25 March 2016, 18:38

From the Sunni capital of Lebanon to a Sunni country, yet the usual stooges blame Hezbollah... Loool.

Thumb gigahabib 26 March 2016, 00:09

The truth hurts. Tripoli is the Salafist capital of Lebanon. The pills will be distributed to the Salafist scum trained by the US there.