Protesters Storm Saudi Daily's Beirut Office over 'Lebanese Flag' Cartoon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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A group of young men on Friday stormed the Beirut offices of the Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat in protest at a cartoon deemed insulting to Lebanon.

A video posted on social media shows the protesters arguing with Lebanese employees and asking them to stage a strike to condemn the published cartoon.

Some of the protesters then move to the office's desks and start pushing stacks of newspapers to the ground, unfazed by the employees' appeals.

The protesters were led by well-known social media activists Pierre al-Hashash and Abbas Zahri. Hashash posted a video of the incident on his Facebook page.

According to the video and state-run National News Agency, the protesters also included civil society activists Hassan Qteish, Bilal Allaw, Mohammed Hirz and a man from the Zeineddine family who is a cameraman at al-Jadeed TV.

Security forces arrived at the scene later and listened to the testimonies of three employees who were at the offices on the eleventh floor of central Beirut's Burj al-Ghazal tower.

“Detectives took pictures of the storming's aftermath and Beirut's public prosecution office will be informed of the details,” NNA said.

“The rioters will be prosecuted and arrested at the request of the judiciary,” the agency added.

The cartoon published Friday by Asharq al-Awsat shows Lebanon's flag and the words “The Lebanese State: An April Fools' Lie.”

In a statement, the newspaper condemned the incident as a “barbaric attack,” holding Lebanese authorities responsible for the safety of its employees.

The daily, however, noted that its relation with “its dear readers in Lebanon will not be affected by these attacks that do not represent the Lebanese people,” promising that it will continue to “cover Lebanese events through its Beirut office.”

The newspaper also voiced “regret” over “the controversy about the cartoon that was published in today's edition,” noting that “some people have interpreted it in a wrong way.”

“Asharq al-Awsat stresses its respect for Lebanon and notes that the cartoon was aimed at highlighting the situation that the State is going through in a country that is living a big lie caused by the attempts to impose hegemony on it and push it away from its Arab neighborhood,” the daily added.

Later on Friday, NNA said Beirut's public prosecution office has launched a probe into the incident and that it intends to summon the individuals who stormed the offices.

The development comes hours after the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel shut down its Beirut offices, citing “difficult circumstances” and “safety” concerns.

Al-Arabiya's move comes amid tensions between the kingdom and Lebanon's Hizbullah and follows a series of Saudi measures against Lebanon and the Iran-backed party.


مكتب جريدة الشرق الأوسط بيروت الجزء الأول

Posted by Pierre Kalim El Hachach on Friday, April 1, 2016

مكتب جريدة الشرق الأوسط بيروت الجزء الثاني

Posted by Pierre Kalim El Hachach on Friday, April 1, 2016

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Thumb justice 01 April 2016, 21:09

the freedom of speech lovers, the hezb of democracy

بالصور والفيديو: اقتحام مكاتب “الشرق الأوسط” في بيروت

Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2016, 21:30

this country is a joke!

Thumb popeye 02 April 2016, 05:29

it is not a country and that is why it is a lie.

Thumb smarty 02 April 2016, 00:51

tomorrow, they'll camp downtown and chant in chorus "ma badna akhbar bi libnan illa akhbar al manar"... and will puruses what they began 10 years ago when they started killing Gibran Tueni, Samir Kassir and our free press ambassadors.

Thumb justice 01 April 2016, 21:10

lebanon is not April fool's lie.... it is a lie everyday of the year.

Missing peace 01 April 2016, 21:12

the lebanese state is indeed an april fool's lie... why hide one's head in the sand... i wish those protesters could prove that the lebanese state is a true state ruled by responsible and efficient politicians not even able to solve a trash crisis...LOL

Missing peace 01 April 2016, 23:59

instead of insulting and playing the tough guy, just prove me that the lebanese state isn't a joke? tell us that the institutions are working and that the state has its president? tell us how well they are doing to improve lebanese economy and well being of its citizens?
tell me how the state is working on bringing lebanese electricity 24/24. tell me how the state is working on improving to bring running and drinking water to every household tap...

tell me tough guy....

Missing peace 02 April 2016, 00:02

basic needs the state cannot provid and still you deny it and insult people stating the obvious.... poor you in such denial...

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 01 April 2016, 21:12

the uncivilized thugs of hezbollah resisting at the offices of newspapers.

Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2016, 21:28

that's why the April Fool's comment best describes Lebanon and its ministers.

Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2016, 21:36

20:12جريج للـ"mtv": لا مبررات أمنية لإقفال مكاتب "العربية" في بيروت والقناة لم تتلقى أي تهديد.

Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2016, 21:37

please mr. the_roar go find yourself a job. You are so obvious!

Thumb Elemental 01 April 2016, 23:40

The country itself has become a joke, so why all the anger? It's simple, they refuse to admit that simple truth and would rather be violent and live in denial. What a bunch of sellouts.

Thumb Elemental 02 April 2016, 19:44

Isn't it annoying how primitive groups overran Lebanon? Like I said, sellouts.

Thumb liberty 02 April 2016, 03:51

Lebanon just like you flamethrower is an April Fool's lie.

Thumb liberty 02 April 2016, 03:54

yes it deserves a medal

Thumb popeye 02 April 2016, 05:04

do you ever say anything of value or relevance dear flamethrower?

Thumb popeye 02 April 2016, 05:04

he often does speak with himself;)

Thumb popeye 02 April 2016, 05:29

but when LBCI or MBC mocks nassrallah you go on a rampage and destroy the country.

Missing melita 02 April 2016, 13:48

Dude...what? :\ is that in English?