One Man Killed, Two Wounded in Tyre Conflict


A man was shot dead overnight after an armed dispute erupted between two families in the southern Tyre village of Jwayya, the state-run National News Agency reported on Monday.

A conflict erupted between the Qassem and Ismail families against the backdrop of hanging a poster advertising for a municipality member, which aggravated to an armed clash and led to the killing of Hussein Dayekh, NNA said.

Two people were wounded in the incident.

Army troops arrived at the scene and controlled the situation.

Efforts continue to track the culprits down.

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Thumb barrymore 20 June 2016, 08:53

ashraf nass

Thumb barrymore 20 June 2016, 10:06

southern aka fake justice2

My country is Lebanon
My Tree is the Cedars
My Capital is Beirut
Your Country is Iran
Your Tree is the Zoroastrian Sarv
Your Capital is Tehran

Thumb Mystic 20 June 2016, 11:36

Barry your capital is washington, your country of loyalty is Israel,
Your tree is called Al Saud, even though there isn't any trees in that desert.

Thumb ice-man 20 June 2016, 17:11

Mystic My Friend (MF)

Do you still cry your eyes out like I do when you remember sitnah zainab?

Thumb shab 20 June 2016, 20:48

Always trouble from these people