Geagea to Nasrallah: If STL Were Truly an Israeli-U.S. Product, Govt. Would Have Resigned

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

LF leader Samir Geagea criticized on Friday Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Thursday, accusing him of taking contradictory positions on the matter.

He asked before reporters at Maarab: “If the STL were an American-Israeli product as you claim, then wouldn’t it have been better for your majority to resign and force Premier Najib Miqati to step down as well in order to prevent the tribunal funding?”

“How can you claim that you are not involved in the funding when you already knew that Miqati was going to fulfill Lebanon’s obligation in the matter?” he continued.

“Didn’t Miqati coordinate his position with Speaker Nabih Berri?” he wondered.

“Everyone knows that Miqati did not take the decision to fund the STL without taking your direct approval,” Geagea stressed.

In addition, he noted Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun’s previous threats to resign over the funding of the tribunal.

The LF leader said that the MP did not follow through with his warning, wondering: “Isn’t an issue as important as the STL worth resigning over?”

He added that Aoun has long criticized the Higher Relief Council for how it spends its “small funds.”

“How come he is now content with the funding of the tribunal with $ 32 million from the very council, which the FPM leader has deemed as illegitimate?” Geagea asked.

“What we are witnessing now is an ongoing process of misleading the public,” he stressed.

He therefore renewed his call for the government to resign as soon as possible, hoping that the Change and Reform bloc would no longer undermine the people’s intelligence.

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Missing people-power 02 December 2011, 17:15

Nasrallah has no more credibility. His web of lies is getting all tangled up. When you tell only one lie, maybe you can get away with it, fooling some of the people. But on further examination, to continue your lie, you have to cover it up with many other lies. Pretty soon, all the subsequent lies used to cover up for the first lie don't seem to add up. And now Nasrallah makes no sense.

Who won the war in 2006? If you won the war, why did you say you wouldn't have launched the attack if you knew what the consequences would be?

Is the STL an Israeli product? If yes, then why would you allow it to be funded? It is clear that Hezbollah controls the majority in government, and the government approved funding of the STL, so Hezbollah must have approved the funding.

Why are the 4 indicted members saints? Did they do something to earn "sainthood"?

You won't use your arms internally? What about May 7?

Good for Geagea to point out the hypocrasy and lies of Nasrallah

Default-user-icon anonymous (Guest) 02 December 2011, 17:54

allow me to answer your question ya wise doctor you.

the reason why the government went ahead with this funding even though they don't support it is because let me stress that point again BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO PLUNGE THE WHOLE COUNTRY INTO AN INTERNATIONAL CRISIS AND SANCTIONS while looking bad themselves no matter how they FEEL ABOUT IT! got that Dr.GG now why don't you crawl back into that hole were you came from .. a hefty price to pay for the stupidity of some of the previous politicians in order to save a country already in a mess of a turmoil the last thing we need right now is some UN body imposing sanctions on us.

Thumb geha 02 December 2011, 18:25

@bigdig and Elie
if you had a shread of common sense your comments would have been direct to the point!
what is it he is saying that is wrong?
it seems to me you are as blind as a bat and blind followers..... :)

Missing peace 02 December 2011, 18:39

well said geha, bigdig and elie cannot explain why their idols from the hezb and the FPM were against the funding a week ago, threatening to resign if it was funded , threatening lebanon of chaos if it was funded and now their leaders accept it without any problem!!

they know but are embarassed that their leaders have to shut up and obey the syrian orders! syria doesn t want the hezbi gvt to resign because they need it...
so their lebannese puppets just bark loud to make believe their naive followers that they are bulldogs! but they are nothing more than slaves obeying their foreign masters...

the irony is that they have the power to cancel lebanon s contribution like they declared before having their hands free, they blamed the M14 for wanting the STL and now.... watch their circus! real clowns!

Thumb geha 02 December 2011, 19:09

the biggest traitor to Lebanon is Aoun.
after trying to divide the christians, he introduced the syrians back then and left the best officers to be slaughtered while he ran to France, to come back again to divide the christians to weaken them for the benefit of his allies hizbushaitan and syria.

Default-user-icon Someone (Guest) 02 December 2011, 20:23

That's real nice Geagea, now go back to FAILING! LOL!

Thumb shab 02 December 2011, 20:33

He has a point there. Funny to read the reactions from sheep of the other camp.

Missing peace 02 December 2011, 21:58

funny how demons suffer from alzheimer... "if it takes 32 million to keep lebanon out of turmoil then we'll gladly fund your rotten STL."

remember that hezb told that if the STL was funded lebanon would suffer instability? that the FPM would resign from the gvt?

no sweating boy: syria told them to do so... and that since mid october when your iranman saw his master bashar who told him to finance the STL...

Missing peace 02 December 2011, 22:10

and concerning the poor lebanese soldiers you are refering to: the syrian army killed 117 soldiers at dahr el wahch and ...lahoud chief of the pro syrian lebanese army at the time covered their crimes...

maybe that is why you are supporting the pro syrians now!

remember that aoun didn t make a "liberation war" against the syrians but a revenge war against them because hafez el assad promised him to be president but then broke his promise infuriating your orangina....

Missing aounophobia 02 December 2011, 22:52

Big big defeat for M8 so u have to live it it !!!

now all of a sudden they are concerned about internal stability and prevent international sanctions???? this is what M14 have been saying all along!

what has changed since ? when claoun said "no way jose"?

oh yeah, the greenlight came from their master in bilad el cham, who is afraid that the great fouad comes back to power

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 03 December 2011, 00:21

Geagea's questions are rhetorical. They advocate a point through the making of rhetorical questions. The point is that the FPM and Hezbollah over reached. They threatened to resign the Mikati government if it provided the funding of the 49% payment to the STL, yet, when Mikati did just this, then the threats of Hezbollah and the FPM turned out to be hollow and empty, that is, without credibility.
In Lebanese politics, if you open your mouth and issue a threat, then you must carry it out, or else suffer the loss if credibility that comes from failing to carry it out. Lebanon is no place for bluffing. The price to be paid for having and empty bluff called is having Geagea calling you out.

Geagea is merely extracting the price of Hezbollah and FPM's overreach.

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) 03 December 2011, 06:05

The Son of the Cedars Revolution is translating to the blind who wondered yesterday how the money went to STL. Hasouna is a traitor to Iran and Syria and he will change his mind based on his master wish which is his command. If Damascus is bombed then Assad want Lebanon as his escape territory, look how Gaddafi died when he could not go anywhere, for those calling Ga3Ga3 to go back where he came from , he is at least in a very well known place called M3rab, where is the rat's hole location?
Bottom line the terrorist regime gave the green light miqati/rat and others to pay their dues so that he has a way out when the s. hits the fan in Syria.

Thumb mrbrain 03 December 2011, 07:38

Even his allies Label him as THE Criminal....
I kindly ask him to repent by resigning from the political life..

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 03 December 2011, 20:52

assad will move to russia soon. negotiations are being made between the russians and the us march 2012 will be the month of freedom for all the middle east. . Lebanon will survive a big plot of take over by iran and hizballah.
aoun the midgit will shoot himself after assad falls. Many shiites will leave lebanon or try to for fear of retaliation. irans embassy will be attacked and destroyed. sfeir will be killed and named as a martyr. many other people will flee lebanon or commit suicide.