Mustaqbal Sources Criticize Aoun's Threats over Vacuum

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A warning voiced by President Michel Aoun on his willingness to obstruct the parliamentary elections and keep the legislative body vacant, were criticized by al-Mustaqbal ministers who described the stance as “unacceptable,” al-Akhbar daily reported on Friday.

Prominent Mustaqbal ministerial sources told the daily: “Threats launched by President of the Republic about vacuum are unacceptable.

“Aoun's rhetoric will engage the country in a constitutional debate over the jurisdictions of the President. In addition to that, the President is behaving with everyone as if he is the sole decision maker and as if the reins are in his hands alone,” they said.

The sources that spoke on condition of anonymity pointed out: “Aoun's speech that vacuum in the legislative body is better than keeping the 1960 law or extending the parliaments term have annoyed PM Saad Hariri who believes that vacuum at an state institution is unacceptable.”

During a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Aoun said he favors vacuum over an extension of the parliament's term.

“If I'm to choose between the extension of parliament's term or vacuum, my stance is clear in this regard -- I will choose vacuum,” he was quoted as saying.

Political parties are bickering over amending the current election law which divides seats among the different religious sects.

Hizbullah has repeatedly called for an electoral law based on proportional representation but other political parties, especially al-Mustaqbal Movement, have rejected the proposal and argued that the party's controversial arsenal of arms would prevent serious competition in regions where the Iran-backed party is influential.

Mustaqbal, the Lebanese Forces and the Progressive Socialist Party have meanwhile proposed a hybrid electoral law that mixes the proportional representation and the winner-takes-all systems. Speaker Nabih Berri has also proposed a hybrid law.

The country has not voted for a parliament since 2009, with the legislature instead twice extending its own mandate.

The 2009 polls were held under an amended version of the 1960 electoral law and the next elections are scheduled for May 2017.

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Thumb galaxy 27 January 2017, 13:10

dialogue Mustaqbal, dialogue! when is your next meeting with hezbollah?

Thumb sevilla 27 January 2017, 13:34

One would think these mustaqbal/hariri would have agreed with aoun on something regarding the election law prior to endorsing him for president.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 27 January 2017, 13:42

that would be asking too much

Thumb Candice 27 January 2017, 14:24

he was in so much rush to become prime minister he forgot the details.

Thumb Candice 27 January 2017, 14:28

in so much of a rush*

Default-user-icon Nicolas (Guest) 27 January 2017, 13:54

Congratulations, Lebanon. You have your own Donald Trump, who was allowed to take office because the others hoped--as the Republicans hoped in the US--that he didn't mean all those things he said, and that getting into the office would help him mature. Harram.

Thumb ado.australia 27 January 2017, 16:48

The President Aoun openly declared to all Lebanese what he wanted and what he expects... after all these years, don't we know that what he wants and wishes for the Lebanon, will happen! He wants a real government, a real and corruption free, representative government! To think that anything otherwise would happen is silly or ignorant.

Those against Aoun for president need to adjust to reality!... Lebanon finally has a patriotic government that is allergic to the corruption that has been so free previously.

Thumb enterprise 28 January 2017, 06:30

How is this government different than any of the previous ones? Bassil is still a permanent fixture, Berri is still Corleone the godfather, Junblatt is still the king of deals, along with Mustaqbal and their unmatched incompetence.

Stop your falsafeh and get in touch with reality.

Thumb justice 28 January 2017, 14:18

he has to post what was scripted to him.

Thumb ado.australia 27 January 2017, 16:51

Jumblatt and Berri are struggling to adjust and its clear why they were against Aoun's presidency! But it is now reality and the mafia that have ruled lebanon since Syria's invasion was completed.

Thumb ice-man 28 January 2017, 05:09

@flamethrower: my best friend from years past !!!!!!

How in the world are you MF ( My Friend ). I was shocked to learn that you were fired from your job at KFC. It must have been really hard for you and the family and what not. But hey look at the bright side of things, now we can see a lot more of you online.

Take care MF ( My Friend )

Thumb mahdi-firuz-berhouz 28 January 2017, 10:00

hahahahahaha! who would think of such a brilliant and witty response to the hyenas other than our flamesrower. I hope you started to see your gift and talent that the all mighty Ayatollah has given you.

My Nepalese domestic helper and I are so lucky to be your contemporaries and to have witnessed the rise of a legend called flamesrower.

Somesing Anazar!