Baabda Palace Replies to Controversy over Aoun's Position on Hizbullah's Arms

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The latest stance made by President Michel Aoun as for the role of the Resistance's arms in Lebanon has initiated a flurry of political reactions some favoring and other criticizing.

Ministerial sources close to the Baabda Presidential Palace said they were astonished at criticisms lashing out at Aoun's position, they told al-Joumhouria daily on Monday: “What Aoun meant was clear because the Army's capabilities do not permit a direct confrontation with the Israeli army.

“President of the Republic has not backed down from his firm position as for the arms of the Resistance and the Lebanese Army,” they added.

On Sunday, in an interview on the Egyptian TV channel CBC, Aoun said "Hizbullah's arms do not contradict with the State and are an essential component of the means to defend Lebanon.”

However, the sources pointed to the army's “effective” capabilities “inside” Lebanon, they said: “The army's ability to confront terrorism and terror groups domestically have shown effective. Its ability to protect the Lebanese arena from various gangs and takfiri groups on the Lebanese border are clearly visible.

“The army's successful pre-emptive security operations in several areas attest to its readiness and preparedness that has surpassed armies of large nations.”

“Aoun's position can be interpreted in previous ministerial statements. That is why we cannot but perceive the criticisms as an indicator for a campaign targeting the President. It could be a plan to distract attention from other contentious issues and endeavors to find a new, just and balanced electoral law,” concluded the sources.

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Default-user-icon mane (Guest) 13 February 2017, 11:08

so in lebanon the army does a police job and a political party does the army's job...

interesting and funny country.

Thumb mahdi-firuz-berhouz 13 February 2017, 13:08


I love how you always come up with answers that leave them speechless and paralyzed. You simplify things to a level were these trolls can finally understand and relate.

In other words, you are somesing anazar flamesrower!

Default-user-icon mane (Guest) 13 February 2017, 13:25

in lebanon maybe the police is too weak it needs the army but in any other countries police has special forces...
but why should a political party ensure the job of an army?
show me one country in the world where this happens other than in your mockery of a state called lebanon?
i guess lebanese are proud to be ruled by a party and despise the concept of a state nation? it seems so as you all appear to be slaves to parties, not one lebanese shows pride in a state... i guess you are still living under feudal rules like in middle ages and proud of it... the cult of a leader is your thing... pity that nation and all the commenters on this site all enslaved by your religions and sects... poor world

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 16:58

The President of Lebanon Michel Aoun is a realistic man and leader of this nation.

He knows that without the Resistance, then Lebanon will become another israeli settlement land.

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 18:28

So that is your guarantee? You've probaly never witnessed the Israeli bombings of Lebanon then.

Thumb AntiSheepism 13 February 2017, 11:08

Show me a modern progressive country in the world where a militia has the right to bare arms especially if those arms are limited to one sect. This would not only create tension with the other sects but would give said sect an unfair advantage. No one but the state should bare arms and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

Thumb AntiSheepism 13 February 2017, 13:38

Really flamethrower that's your excuse. Israel and 18 sectarian denominations! When does it end? I don't know about you but neither will be going anywhere anytime soon so should they bare arms indefinitely? Give me a break

Thumb justin 13 February 2017, 14:44

"it will have to end through unity of the lebanese people"

it is the very same reason there is no unity among the Lebanese people.


Thumb Southern...... 13 February 2017, 14:53

Show me a modern progressive country in the world where certain sects rejoice the bombing of their own fellow countrymen by an enemy state or some parties deny the arming of its own military forces by a country that its sectarian affiliation don't coincided with it, like the case of Iran!!

btw, Iran offer comes after the lifting of the sanctions..

Thumb justin 13 February 2017, 15:13

Show me a modern progressive country in the world where a certain sect invades the capital and calls it a a divine day. Show me a modern progressive country in the world where a certain sect assassinates its political opponents and rejoices on the streets when they are killed.

Thumb AntiSheepism 13 February 2017, 15:43

I never said Lebanon was modern nor progressive, Southern. If it were then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Thumb AntiSheepism 13 February 2017, 15:41

So how do you suggest unity happens when the arms are clearly one of the reasons we are not united. Yes disarmament will not happen overnight but at least there should be some sort of intent or pledge to disarm voiced. Call them a resistance if you wish they're still a militia by definition. No one said uniting the 18 sects is a small matter but as long as Hizbullah is baring arms uniting the 18 sects won't happen and it will only cause those sects to resent them more.

We can't continue to use Israel as an excuse when it's clear that baring arms is causing so much division within the country. A united country is more of a threat to Israel than a non united one.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 12:37

Gen Aoun, has failed many of his supporters who had hoped he would deliver on many of his promises.

Firstly.. he jumped into bed with a convicted murderer.

secondly.. he allied with the people whom he himself declared unfit to rule "Harriri", etc.

thirdly.. restoring the Lebanese nation under one Army..The LAF!.

Yes HA are to be commended for their sacrifice be it defending Lebanon or saving it from the threat of IS-Nusra etc.
But when does it end? when does Lebanon become a free nation ruled for all by decent leaders..when does Lebanon restore the LAF as its sole defender?

Time to say it as it is or else Lebanon shall remain in a state of war forever.

Gen Aoun,the day you sold your soul & joined murderers in order to be elected President is the day you lost most of your supporters.

Time to retire, because you have failed & your old age won't allow you to make amends.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 13:04

do you want results or emotions?

I want a leader true to his word!

He has failed to deliver on one of them...

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 13:17

Glad you see opinions that differ from yours as "tantrums".

Oh & as for good leader...A good leader doesn't impose his Son in Law to the top post of his party...He allows the party faithful to vote on it..He has truly failed in all areas.

As for HA...No mate, its either Lebanon becomes protected by the LAF or stay in a state of war.

Your choice.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 13:51

"despite being rightfully elected as head of FPM"

I can assure you, he was imposed & no fair vote was to be tolerated.

You want a list of those that left the FPM, because of it?

HA must hand over their weapons & or intergrate with the LAF.

The time will never be suitable conditions for HA to hand over their weapons...The choice must be made for them.

Some hoped Aoun could be the one, but instead he goes on record as saying the LAF & HA are in fact together.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 14:04

I wasn't speaking of supporters who'd left..I am speaking of those in the FPM, well respected people who said this is BS, we didn't fight the FPM fight for this crap.

He championed democracy & honesty blah blah, then he imposes his son in law on them.

Cmon FT, I supported him also, but the truth can't be erased.

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 13 February 2017, 13:03

General Aoun and Walid Jumblat are the only two world leaders working for Lebanon's interests at the moment.... the rest pfffft.

Thumb justice 13 February 2017, 13:26

Even the MOU aoun signed with the terrorist party was bound by : liberating Shebaa Farms, release of Lebanese prisoners from Israeli jails and devising a national defense strategy. Hezbollah has no plans now or in the future to liberate Shebaa Farms and it has declined to participate in serious talks to discuss a national defense strategy. The MOU specifically refers to 'reliance on justifications that meet a national consensus for keeping the weapons'. Clearly, there is no national consensus for hezbollah to keep its weapons.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 13:31

Aoun has played a very dangerous game here... By publicly declaring the LAF & HA are together, he has seriously threatened the safety of Lebanon.

How? Now Israel can go full out in the event of another war..they can take out bot HA & the LAF since they have been declared by the President of lebanon as being the one & the same.

HA will lose its weapons soon enough...I was hoping it would be by peaceful means....This president has assured Lebanon it will be certainly not by peaceful means.

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 17:01

roar, Israel does not care whether The Resistance or the Lebanese army declares their alliance openly, if they attack they would bomb both anyway as they did back in 2006 with or without these words.

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 17:02

What the President said is simple, that whomever attacks Lebanon will have to face an Army and Resistance.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 17:33

Mystic, How long do you intend to remain in a state of war with Israel?

When does Lebanon become a priority for you, instead of the Palestinian cause?

Everyone is getting tired of this resistance crap.
Even HA fighters have families that should be living normal lives.
enough of this crap....Peace not war.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 17:59

Peace in this case is very simple to achieve.

lebanon needs to stop being the stubborn Arab nation who refuses to accept Israel & do as all the other Arab states who live a normal way of life.

Just say those simple words & stop fighting the inevitable.

then HA can go home to their families live normal lives & allow the LAF to be the sole guardian of Lebanon.

If there is no peace deal, then HA would remain the resistance & leanon remains the shit hole that remains at war.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 18:11

Deport the ungrateful so & so's...Send them to their Arab brothers...Saudi,Jordan or any of the gulfies...

lebanon did its time, now its the Arabs turn to look after them.

Lets see how brotherly these Arabs truly are huh ?

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 18:21

Do you know how many times that Israel bombed the Resistance whilst our people were fighting Al Nusra along the Golan Heights in Quneitra?

They coordinate attacks with Al Nusra, what does that make them?
Poor innocent and prosecuted jews?

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 18:24

It's naive to believe that Israel ever wants peace, Arafat tried to make peace how well did that go for him.

They will sense it as a weakness on our part, and wait for the time to strike.

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2017, 19:03

I know it's you texasjew under the "notoblindfollowers" username, I will answer you anyway.

It depends on what do you mean about Army control?
The Army already fully cooperates with the Resistance in all regions they are present, such as the Beqaa, Baalbek, Beirut and the South.
The state have checkpoints on every main streets in the South, aswell as in Beirut and all other so called "Hezbollah strongholds"

That is state control in my opinion, It is a Lebanese Resistance it fights for Lebanon and it ended foreign occupation.

Thumb justice 13 February 2017, 13:40

I agree with you on this one. I also want to add that aoun is no different than any other Lebanese politician. The FPM elections were not fair by any means, and his other son-in-law Roukuz will now head the FPM list in Keserwein in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Aoun has no sons but he does have sons in law.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 13:45

Gen Roukoz is a distinguished & decorated LAF General.

Please don't allow your ill feelings towards his father in law to interfere with the truth.

Thumb the_roar 13 February 2017, 17:39

You are quite right, FT. I didn;t explain the whole theory to my madness....Is it possible that the Lebanese State can mend all normal ties with Israel & tell the Arabs "Saudi & their gulfies' its their turn to fight the Palestinian cause?

Is it possible to allow lebanon to have a turn for a decade or so with normal living standards? or is Lebanon the defender of the Palestinian cause & the gulfies to enjoy normal life?

All it takes to make peace with Israel is to say a few words.
bugger the Arabs & their ungrateful palestinian brothers.
People are sick & tired of this resistance crap, FT.

Thumb lou.williams 13 February 2017, 14:25

Another Baabda Palace reply, another controversy, another article, another dispute, another day, another afternoon as flamethrower embarks on yet another journey in pursuit of his childhood dream to achieve excellence in the art of trolling.

Thumb ex-fpm 13 February 2017, 15:56

The chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces is justifying and legitimizing the existence of a sectarian parallel army owned and operated by Iran.

Thumb Spotter 13 February 2017, 16:44

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Thumb Puppet 13 February 2017, 19:20

I respect Baabda Palace; I just do.