Jumblat Lashes Out at Bassil's Suggestion for Christian-Chaired Senate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Leader of the Democratic Gathering bloc MP Walid Jumblat lashed out at a proposal made by Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil to create a Senate under a Christian leadership and stressed that the proposal violates the Taef Accord.

The Druze leader explained that establishing a Senate was first suggested in the Taef accord so as to eliminate political sectarianism.

“A Senate is linked to the abolition of politician sectarianism according to the Taef accord,” said Jumblat in a tweet on Wednesday.

Free Patriotic Movement leader Jebran Bassil suggested the creation of a Christian-chaired Senate although the Taef Agreement stipulates that its chairmanship should be allotted to the Druze community.

Bassil had announced early this week a proposal for the upcoming parliamentary polls that calls for electing 64 MPs according to the proportional representation system in five electorates whereas the other 64 would be elected by their respective sects under a winner-takes-all system in 14 electorates.

He said it would pave way for the creation of a Senate under a "Christian non-Maronite leadership to respect parity."

The Taef Agreement -negotiated in Saudi Arabia-was an agreement reached to provide the basis for the ending of the civil war and the return to political normalcy in Lebanon. It was designed to end the decades-long Lebanese Civil War, reassert Lebanese authority in Southern Lebanon.

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Thumb gigahabib 15 March 2017, 11:19

"although the Taef Agreement stipulates that its chairmanship should be allotted to the Druze community" So that's his problem, he wants to be King. It'll be sectarian either way.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 15 March 2017, 17:23

And Bassil wants to be ....

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 March 2017, 13:47

the druze already have a political role that is disproportionately bigger than their community. we're already sick and tired to have to put up with schizophrenic jumblatt and his over bloated influence as it is.

Thumb Mordekaiser 15 March 2017, 14:22

hahahaha really? what about the fact that christians get 50% of seats while chrstians barely make up 40% of the population

Default-user-icon john rambo (Guest) 15 March 2017, 15:27

this man is the cancer of lebanon. corrupted shit man. taking money from everywhere

Thumb ado.australia 15 March 2017, 16:20

The establishment of a Senant is important, but should not be used as a weapon for sectarian policy! Bassil is the Foriegn Minister... he should refrain from comment unless its on foreign policy. All these cabinet ministers commentating on subjects that don't concern them is a problem. PM Hariri is the leader of the government and any member of his cabinet should refrain from commentating on issues that don't concern their ministry job!

Thumb ado.australia 15 March 2017, 16:59

We already have too many useless politians... add some senators to the mix might only help Jumblatt's concerns about his loss of his fiethdom and Druze community control. The Senant should represent the Druze communities and not just Jumblatt's medieval kingdom! The Senant should be created to ensure minorities are not disrespected or ignored but should also not allow obstruction of progress!

Jumblatt's reality occurred when he questioned the Druze in Syria that sided with the Assad's government! Respect for Talal Aslan who gives an honourable option that is not switching sides like a sycho for his own personal benefit.

Thumb ado.australia 15 March 2017, 17:34

Agree Tex in that it has the opportunity to protect minorities, but the parliament and government is already obstructed! Add the Senant and nothing would ever happen! We need to reset back to as presidential republic with a PM given real power from the president! This 3 way power struggle introduced by the Syrians in the Taef is the main problem... It cant work unless all 3 seats are allied! Reality is that its very rare that all 3 seats will be allied and working together on same policy, add the Senant and we have 4 seats... impossible for any government action!