Conflicting Reports on Arrest of Man who Cursed Nasrallah

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Conflicting media reports emerged Thursday on whether or not the army's Intelligence Directorate had arrested a man who cursed Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on live TV.

Some media reports said army intelligence agents arrested the man, identified as Ali Abdul Rahim Shamas, on drug-related charges.

But several TV networks later said that the Intelligence Directorate has denied "media reports about the Intelligence Directorate's arrest of certain individuals following the removal of the violations in the Hay el-Sellom area."

The man in question had railed at Nasrallah on Wednesday when police raided and removed unlicensed street structures, including his, in Beirut's southern suburb of Hay el-Sellom.

The man had spilled his anger on TV when reporters interviewed him together with other angry residents.

The move has caused a rare public expression of anger in a stronghold of Hizbullah.

The raid was carried out by the Internal Security Forces, which used bulldozers to take down shacks where vendors mainly sold coffee and mobile phones.

Dozens of angry residents poured into the streets, burning tires and blocking some roads to prevent the police from approaching their properties.

The protest turned against Hizbullah, which had promoted the campaign against violators. In an usual move, some took their grievances to live TV, demanding compensation from Hizbullah and even cursing the group's leader Nasrallah.

Public displays of anger against Hizbullah in Lebanon are rare, especially in the group's strongholds.

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Thumb galaxy 26 October 2017, 14:49


Thumb ansarullah 26 October 2017, 14:51

may god bless hezbollah aka the lebanese army, the last sanctuary for lebanon.

lan tousle zainabu maratayyn

lan lan lan

Thumb norma-jean 26 October 2017, 14:55

Ali Abdul Rahim Shamas is a national hero and should be released by the Houthian intelligence service immediately.

Jannah, Firdous, Gigi and I are in martyrs square right now heading to Parliament to protest the arrest of this hero who described Mr. Nassrallah accurately and romantically.


Thumb Mystic 26 October 2017, 17:01

He was paid by Oqab Saqr and the others to make these slurs, he did not even own a street shop.

Thumb ashtah 26 October 2017, 17:28

and your evidence/proof is?
I thought so...

Thumb marcus 26 October 2017, 14:57

this country is a joke..... nassrallah is not even a public figure or an elected official.

Thumb barrymore 26 October 2017, 15:35

Who cares! He deserves everything he gets. Filth!

Thumb barrymore 26 October 2017, 15:36

It used to be controlled by hezbollah. Now they are one and the same.

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2017, 16:24

yes it was a merger and not a take over:)

Thumb shab 26 October 2017, 20:47

Everyone curses the fat militia leader almost every day, just not in public.

Thumb warrior 26 October 2017, 20:48

I curse him every single day and in public.

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2017, 16:23

"media reports said army intelligence agents arrested the man, identified as Ali Abdul Rahim Shamas, on drug-related charges."

and since his outburst at nassrallah yesterday, army intelligence learned he was a drug dealer:)!

Thumb janoubi 26 October 2017, 16:34

Army intelligence is as corrupt as the thug they just arrested and the boss whom he cursed.

Thumb justin 26 October 2017, 16:37

الوفاء للمقاومة: نقدّر صبر اهلنا في الضاحية وتحملهم تقصير الدولة


Thumb liberty 27 October 2017, 05:05

Always playing the victim!!! They robbed the whole country and wreaked havoc and still they accuse the government of negligence as if the economic situation only affects the shia of nassrallah.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 26 October 2017, 16:41

The assassins of March 14th politicians are allowed to roam freely while a man who curses nassrallah is arrested within 24 hours!

Thumb ashtah 26 October 2017, 16:46

that is because nassrallah is the de facto president of the islamic republic of lebanon.

Thumb Zaghloul 26 October 2017, 17:35

بالفيديو: علي شمص يعتذر من السيد حسن نصرالله

وصل إلى موقع “جنوبية” شرط فيديو للشاب علي عبدو شمص الذي شتم أمين عام حزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله يوم أمس.
ويظهر شمص في الفيديو معتذراً من السيد حسن نصرالله ومبرراً له ما حدث ومعلناً استعداده الذهاب والقتال في سوريا.
كما يؤكد شمص لأمين عام حزب الله أنّه ليس تاجر مخدرات ولا من قطاع الطرق.بالفيديو-علي-شمص-يعتذر-من-السيد-حسن-نصر/

Missing un520 26 October 2017, 23:47

Hezbollah is reported to mull over these three choises regarding the future of this brave man, Ali Abdul Rahim Shamas:
1.Try to make him look like a drug user and dealer in order to question his credibility.
2.Make him an offer he cannot refuse of serving with Hezbollah in Syria for a year or two to make up for his sins.
3.Transfer him to one of syrian president Assad death jails. The president without a people is owing Hezbollah big time, and will make sure that this brave man disappear from the earth like so many lebanese before him.