Hariri Travels to Saudi Arabia for Second Time in Five Days


Prime Minister Saad Hariri traveled Friday to Saudi Arabia on a “work trip,” his office said.

Hariri's trip followed talks at the Grand Serail with Ali Akbar Velayati, the senior foreign policy adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

The prime minister had visited the kingdom on Monday for talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and State Minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan.

During a cabinet session on Thursday, Hariri told the ministers that “Saudi Arabia is very keen on stability in Lebanon and all that is mentioned in the media to the contrary is not true.”

On Tuesday, Hariri said he held a “long meeting” with al-Sabhan, a day after the firebrand minister voiced fierce new remarks about Hizbullah.

"We agreed on a lot of things that are of concern to the Lebanese people, and God willing the future situation will be better," al-Sabhan for his part added.

“Whenever I meet His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, I become more convinced that we and the Saudi leadership are in full agreement on Lebanon's stability and Arab identity,” said Hariri in another tweet, referring to his Monday meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:01

Israels intentions.
We all know Israels intentions.

Hariri is travelling back and forth, Saudis wants to know everything the Iranians told him.
They are afraid that Hariri is jumping on Irans side.

Hariri was not happy about the Saudis backing Rifi before him, so he knows disloyalty flows in Saudi Arabia.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:02

Saudi Arabia is working alongside Israel against Iran.

We all know this aswell.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:19

Yes ofcourse not, you betrayed Hariri and chose Rifi. You expect him to love you for that?

Even if he is a sunni, he will rather be Prime Minister of a country instead of a loser that you made him.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:23

Even still in Akkar and Tripoli, there is pictures of Rifi everywhere.
Hariri is nowhere to be seen on posters in Tripoli, only the richer areas.

Rifi is still the chosen leader in the Sunni community.
That is the reason that you are still losers, because if you stuck with Hariri instead, then you would have more influence in Lebanon. Hariri still got the next heighest post in the Lebanese Government.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:26

Always with the Golan heights, tell me how come Saudi Arabia never supported any insurgency in Jordan or Egypt to Hit Israel on the other fronts?

Because they are openly allied with Israel.
Golan Heights Druze are loyal to Syria Assad, not Israel.
The Syrian Army fought Israel on several fronts in the Lebanese war, that was the time when the Gemayels and Geagea sided with Israel.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:39

texas, now I am assured you are Israeli.

Thanks, I thought you were a sunni for some time, but now I am sure.

Thumb galaxy 03 November 2017, 19:41

Mystic ya iraní
The Arab States led by Saudi Arabia have chosen the peace path with Israel in accordance with the Arab summit held in Beirut and it is no secret. You and your filthy iranian militia are the ones who claim you want to wipe Israel off the faith of the earth ya iranian shoe.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:43

Do you realize Israels position? Last time was a battle in 2006.
Now we have many more fronts to attack from now, only reason the Salafis in Golan are alive is because Israel got their back, with ammunition and healthcare.

Thumb Mystic 03 November 2017, 19:46

Nice google translate texas.

Default-user-icon Smiley (Guest) 03 November 2017, 21:50

palestine still has the flag of Hejaz Saui Arabia waving