Lebanon, Russia to Sign Military Cooperation Treaty


Lebanon and Russia are preparing to sign a military cooperation treaty that involves a “comprehensive framework for coordination” and “joint activities” between the armies of the two countries, media reports said.

An official Russian government website for documents and information has published a government decree authorizing the Russian Defense Ministry to conduct “necessary talks with the relevant Lebanese authorities to draft a final format of the treaty.”

According to the decree, the treaty involves “exchanging information on defense means and enhancing international security capabilities; activating anti-terror cooperation; improving joint cooperation in the fields of cadre training, military exercises and armed forces building; exchanging IT expertise; and establishing mechanisms for cooperation between the two countries' armies in the various military fields.”

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Thumb i.report 07 February 2018, 18:27

Je suppose qu'il y a eu un appel d'offre et bonne et due forme que la Russie a gagner grâce à un cahier de charges stricte et des tarifs ultra compétitifs. Je demande donc à voir les preuves de cet appel d'offre en toute transparence.

Thumb i.report 07 February 2018, 18:37

The Americans are donating everything. Same goes for the UK. They're gifts, and the state isn't going into debt for those. Do you see the difference?