Report: Controversial Naturalization Decree Granting Citizenship 'Signed'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese president Michel Aoun has reportedly “signed” a decree granting Lebanese citizenship to dozens of foreign nationals, including Syrian businessmen, despite widespread political and media opposition to the move dubbed as a prelude for“settlement,” the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat reported on Friday.

A Lebanese minister, who refused to be named, said the decree included the names of Syrian, Palestinian, Western and Gulf businessmen, noting that the Lebanese authorities had considered “individual and collective requests for businessmen with problems and obstacles in their work,” according to the daily.

The minister, said “the largest batch of names came from the Maronite Diaspora Institution,” noting that “only 10 Syrians were included in the measure.”

The decree gives citizenship to some 300 people, mostly Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Yemeni, Tunisian, Egyptian, Saudi, German, French, British, Iranian, Chilean, American and Indian, as well as a number of stateless applicants, said the daily.

Other reports said the applicants are distributed among businessmen whose naturalization may contribute to stimulating the economy through investments and employment opportunities for many Lebanese and non-Lebanese.

In that regard, Kataeb bloc member, Nadim Gemayel “categorically rejected it,” describing the move as a “project of resettlement.The naturalization decree is a real danger that affects the balance between communities," he said.

For his part, MP-elect Nehmeh Tohme said he supports “granting citizenship to emigrants of Lebanese origin,” describing any naturalization of foreigners as a “surprise move that raises a lot of questions about the intentions behind it.”

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Thumb galaxy 01 June 2018, 12:17

Wonder what the traveling politician Al Rahi has to say about that.

Thumb ashtah 01 June 2018, 13:04

وعلم أن المرسوم تضمن حوالى عشرين اسماً وضعوا في خانة «المؤسسة المارونية للانتشار»، ومعظمهم من رجال الأعمال السوريين. ولدى محاولة مراجعة رئيس المؤسسة النائب نعمة أفرام، تبين أنه موجود خارج لبنان.

The 'Maronite Diaspora Institute' share in this decree were mainly Syrians. The Patriarch has a lot of explaining to do:)

Thumb janoubi 01 June 2018, 12:28

The FPM got 300 more votes and hundreds of millions of dollars as well for this decree.

When the naturalization applies to pro FPM supporters, you don't hear Bassil talking about 'conspiracies' to change Lebanon's social fabric.

This administration is shameless.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 01 June 2018, 12:32

Never has Lebanon seen an anti-naturalization president like this one, ever!

Thumb justin 01 June 2018, 12:36

علق عضو تكتل “الجمهورية القوية” النائب زياد الحواط حول مرسوم التجنيس عبر حسابه على موقع “تويتر” فقال: خلصت سكرة الانتخابات وجاءت فكرة التغيير والاصلاح من خلال مرسوم تجنيس مهرب من امام عيون اللبنانيين معياره الميسورون ، مباشرة بعد الانتخابات وقبيل تشكيل حكومة العهد الاولى الغارقة بالمحاصصة والتقاسم. مبروك لكم ولهم. المواجهة مستمرة والشعب حاسب سلفاً. الى اللقاء.

Thumb ashtah 01 June 2018, 14:28


I did not see S.O.S categorize the naturalized persons as Christians and Moslems... Only you did that. You deserve the title 'Sectarian' with honors.

Thumb rolfmao. 01 June 2018, 15:44

As usual with Aounists their rhetoric says one thing and the reality does another. Wonder if Gebran got the usual 30% kickback on each new citizenship his pappy signs or a bulk percentage on the whole thing.

Thumb ex-fpm 01 June 2018, 16:22

Actually, in addition to Bassil it is his presidential advisors (daughters) involved in this one too.

Thumb rolfmao. 01 June 2018, 16:51

Of course they are the CEO, CFO, COO and XOXOs of Aoun Inc. SARL.

Missing ysurais 01 June 2018, 15:48

Bravo Bravo Bravo, way to go! hope we naturalize everybody on z Leb soil. and myb best if we leave them all z country hourah-

Thumb ex-fpm 01 June 2018, 16:27

President Aoun said he "promises all Lebanese" that the State will take "decisive steps to eradicate corruption" before next Ramadan.

Missing cimitero 02 June 2018, 00:47

That's right. The fact that most were Christians makes it OK for the president to sell the Lebanese citizenship. Very logical.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 02 June 2018, 08:18

This is a PURE business deal: money for citizenship and guess whose pocket(s) the money went to?

None of those on the list live in Lebanon or have contributed to Lebanon. The French President granted an immigrant the French nationality for climbing the facade of a five story building like spiderman to save a child. Our president grants nationality to those who feed his and the FPM bank accounts.