Report: Govt. Representation of Independent Sunni MPs Not Resolved


Inspite of the growing “optimism” heralding a near government lineup, “probably on Sunday,” no indicators have shown that a solution is reached for an“obstacle” linked to the representation of a group of independent Sunni MPs, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

Quoting well-informed sources, the daily said: “Matters have not yet been resolved in this regard,” pointing out that “Prime Minister-designate (Saad Hariri) categorically rejects the allocation of a ministerial portfolio to any of the independent lawmakers at the expense of his al-Mustaqbal Movement.”

A group of independent Sunni MPs demand the allocation of ministerial portfolios in the government arguing that “Sunni representation must not be confined to Hariri's al-Mustaqbal Movement.”

Hariri for his part denies the presence of a “Sunni obstacle” delaying the formation of the government.

Reports say that Hariri's mission which is facing Christian wrangling over key ministerial portfolios is expected to further complicate over the Sunni one.

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Thumb Southern...... 27 October 2018, 14:12

then solve it, Hariri, solve it ! and let the decent Sunnis represent themselves in Lebanon... ALmustahbal group and voters are of Saudis descendent, and we don't want them.

Missing un520 27 October 2018, 17:03

LOL, the day we see decent independent shiah-representation in a Lebanese government, then Ill be fine with independent sunnis.

Thumb fakenews 27 October 2018, 17:29

Hariri can give all Sunni seats to hezballah and Aoun will still not sign the unless he gets the green light from hassan nasrallah who himself waits for the green light from Iran. Until then they will keep inventing new obstacles and excuses.

٢٤ تشرين الأول ٢٠١٨
جوني منير الصحافي المقرب من 8 آذار و التيار الوطني الحر:حزب الله فضل التريث بموضوع تشكيل الحكومة لحين استطلاع نتائج الانتخابات الأميركية

Missing phillipo 27 October 2018, 15:53

Government of technocrats. Only solution for Lebanon,

Thumb natour 27 October 2018, 18:49

no he's not a aouni like you accuse him to be he's an israli jew he says so himself

Missing phillipo 27 October 2018, 18:55

As I am 74 years old I think that you can rule out that I am "seeking a chair at some ministry"

Thumb natour 27 October 2018, 19:09

being 74 years old does not exclude you from a chair at some ministry we have a mummy for president