Jumblat: Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party chief ex-MP Walid Jumblat on Friday said in an interview to Russia's state-owned English-language channel RT that the Israeli occupied “Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese,” noting that Hizbullah is a political party representing around 30% of the Lebanese people.

“In my opinion, Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese. After the liberation of the south in 2000, the maps of the south were changed by Syrian officers in partnership with Lebanese officers. Theoretically, we occupied Shebaa farms and Wadi al-Asal. The first geographical change came on paper in order to keep Syrian and non-Syrian pretexts calling for the liberation of Shebaa,” said Jumblat in his remarks.

“The Syrian regime holds historic spite for Lebanese politicians who opposed it,” he added.

On the US sanctions on Iran and Hizbullah, Jumblat said the “current US administration is tougher than its predecessors when it cancelled the nuclear agreement (during Obama’s term) with Tehran.”

On the repercussions of that measure on the Lebanese State, Jumblat said: “The Lebanese State has different problems but the main one is how to begin serious measures in an austerity plan. If we do not take serious measures to reduce the deficit, things will take a dangerous turn.”

He added: “Meaningless spending must stop.Why all these (Lebanese) embassies in the world? Why are there imaginary salaries for some military. We can do a lot besides fighting corruption.”

"The United States and the majority of countries in Europe provides great military assistance to the Lebanese army, and financial for the displaced Syrians in Lebanon,” adding "after termination of the nuclear agreement, there is a new US policy to punish the Islamic Republic of Iran and its branches including Hizbullah.”

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Missing phillipo 26 April 2019, 19:29

"Walid Joumblatt is not lebanese but from Kurdistan like his family."
Just like Yasser Arafat was not a Palestinian but an Egyptian born in Cairo, like his family.

Thumb Mrknowitall 26 April 2019, 20:46

مزارع شبعا كذبة، وأنا مسؤول عما أقول، لا يمكننا تعديل الخريطة على مزاجنا، مزارع شبعا ليست لبنانية، وحتى ولو كانت الأرض لبنانية فهي مضمومة سورياً منذ زمن ولبنان سكت عنها، والحكومة اللبنانية لم تذكر مرة أن لديها أرضاً محتلة خاضعة لتنفيذ القرار 242، على العكس قالت أنا لست معنية بالقرار 242، وليس لدي أرض محتلة، فلا يمكن أن تتراجع وتتبناها بعد تنفيذ القرار 425 وتقول أن لديها أرضاً محتلة. وعلى افتراض أن سوريا تريد إرجاع الأرض لنا فلتتفضل وتعطينا وثيقة وفقاً للشرائع الدولية على أن هذه الأرض لبنانية وتحدد على الخريطة رقعة الأرض التي هي لبنانية في مزارع شبعا، وعندها فلتترك لنا المقاومة شرف تحصيله
mtv ميشال عون لتلفزيون
برنامج "سجّل موقف" 9/4/2002 المحاور إيلي الناكوزي

Thumb Mrknowitall 26 April 2019, 20:48

ألا تريد الصداقة مع السوريين ؟
أريد الصداقة مع الشعب السوري وليس مع النظام
mtv ميشال عون لتلفزيون
برنامج "سجّل موقف" 9/4/2002 المحاور إيلي الناكوزي

Thumb Mystic 26 April 2019, 23:54

Jumblat is a sellout, he sold his own Druze people to the salafis during the Syrian war, and he would sell his country too if he had the chance.

Missing patriot10 27 April 2019, 00:32

There is lebanese living and occupying shebaa but in the maps your master rewrite is under syrian control. Why do you think the dogs in dahie never attacked or did any effort to claim shebaa in 2000? Under the law its not lebanese.

Thumb EagleDawn 27 April 2019, 10:59

lol @blacacabla

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 27 April 2019, 17:03

When Aoun says "Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese" he is hailed as the 'Strong President' but when any other politician says the same he is labeled an Israeli zionist.

Missing phillipo 28 April 2019, 11:42

You realise, of course, that this statement pulls the rug from under the feet of Hizballah, who for years have claimed that they will not lay down their arms until Israel leaves every centimeter of Lebanese territory.
UN has stated that for years, and now Jumblatt has declared that the last point of dispute is not Lebanese territory, so what now for the Government of Lebanon and its professed adherence to Resolution 1701.