Economy Minister Bans Pricing in Foreign Currency


Minister of Economy and Trade Mansour Bteish on Friday issued a circular concerning the need to price goods and products in the Lebanese currency.

“Pursuant to the laws and regulations in force, in particular Article 5 of the Consumer Protection Law, which stipulates that traders must declare the price in Lebanese pounds in an apparent manner either on the item or on the shelf presented to him,” said the circular.

“Some traders have deliberately announced prices in dollars, contrary to the law, which may create confusion in the financial markets and negatively affect the interest of the consumer. The Ministry of Economy and Trade requested all traders to declare prices in Lebanese pounds and comply with the legal texts in force,” it added.

The circular noted that the necessary legal action will be taken to bring violators before the competent court.

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Missing sanctify 24 May 2019, 11:40

So let's start with the cell phone bills.

Thumb canadianleb 24 May 2019, 14:36

The norm for Duty Free Shops is to display both USD currency and Local Currency. If the Airport is HUB and a lot of people transit than USD is the norm

Missing rabiosa 24 May 2019, 16:59

I would've preferred to scrap the LBP and adopt the USD as the currency

While at it, why don't you ban those street currency exchange folks, who make money in black market and most likely pay no taxes

never ceases to amaze how a majority of the population are so anti USA and cheat death to America, yet they worship any this that's a USD currency.

Missing phillipo 24 May 2019, 17:13

What about hotels and airlines selling to the general public (mainly overseas) on their websites?

Missing phillipo 24 May 2019, 23:09

Unfortunately in my British Passport there are stamps entering and leaving Israel, so I very much doubt that I will be allowed into Lebanon.

Thumb thepatriot 26 May 2019, 11:19

It will make buying a car so much easier...