Hariri Refutes Claims about 'Evading' Russian Military Cooperation


Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s media office refuted claims on Monday published in Hizbullah’s al-Akhbar newspaper about Lebanon’s military cooperation with Russia.

Al-Akhbar published an article on Monday titled “Hariri Evading Military Cooperation with Russia?”

“The press office of the PM assures that information contained in the article is false and totally contradicts the course of positive relations with Russia,” said the statement.

In its report, al-Akhbar said that “representatives of the Russian army confirmed during the meeting of the Russian-Lebanese Joint Committee Moscow's readiness to provide weapons to Lebanon, without any political conditions, while Western powers provide the Lebanese army with weapons suitable only for internal fighting not ashamed to assert that their weapons are not intended to defend Lebanon from Israeli aggression.”

Al-Akhbar added: “The positive atmosphere shown by the Lebanese army towards military cooperation with Russia, remains no more than “good intentions,” as long as Hariri stands in the way of raising the level of this cooperation, in accordance with the desire of the United States and the West.”

According to reports, Hariri is expected to visit Moscow early next month.

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Thumb doodle-dude 09 September 2019, 14:04

blablablablablabla has been evading Russian penetration and opts for iranian penetration of his deep and wide luv tunnel.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 September 2019, 16:03

Russia and the US are battling for influence over lebanon. Russia has Syria, the US had israel. Both are courting lebanon, especially that we ll soon be an oil country.

The US is building a huge military base in Awkar, humengous. And russia's novoteck is one of our oil contractors.

We should keep good relations with both, and let them keep competing to have good terms with us.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 September 2019, 16:04

Not military base... my bad. Intelligence base.