Jarrah Hits Back at Financial Prosecutor, Accuses Him of Corruption


Caretaker Information Minister and ex-Telecom Minister Jamal Jarrah on Thursday lashed out at Financial Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim, accusing him of corruption and of exceeding his jurisdiction.

Jarrah’s remarks come a day after Ibrahim filed lawsuits against him and against two other former telecom ministers – Nicolas Sehnaoui and Butros Harb – over charges related to wasting public funds. Jarrah is being additional sued over “embezzlement.”

Accusing Ibrahim himself of corruption, Jarrah said the financial prosecutor had been accused of offenses pertaining to the Judges Solidarity Fund, real estate transactions and favoritism.

Protesters “have carried your pictures at Martyrs Square. Of course you have the right to defend yourself through the judiciary and media outlets and this is a natural right, but you don’t have the right to hurl accusations at others,” the ex-minister added.

“Judge Ibrahim knows that he has to maintain the confidentiality of investigations, so why is he leaking false information to the press? He is usurping the roles of the state prosecutor, the justice minister and parliament,” Jarrah decried.

“We are under the law and we are willing to discuss all the tasks we carried out at the telecom and information ministries,” the ex-minister added, urging an end to “distortion and falsification.”

He also said that he is willing to meet with any journalist to discuss any file.

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Thumb thepatriot 21 November 2019, 21:32

A rumor says that Ali Ibrahim is prosecuting them, and will find them innocent, so that by law, they cannot be prosecuted again for the same motive later... It is a way of cleaning them...