Turkey Coroner Says UK Backer of Syria White Helmets Died from Fall


Turkish coroners say the British ex-soldier who helped found the Syrian White Helmets rescue group died from a fall, state media reported on Monday.

James Le Mesurier was an ex-British Army officer who set up Mayday Rescue which helped train the White Helmets, a volunteer group responding to bombings by Syrian government forces.

He was found dead on November 11 outside the Istanbul apartment building where he lived.

The autopsy report said he died due to "general body trauma linked to a fall from height," state broadcaster TRT Haber said. 

No DNA belonging to another person was found.

The four-page report from the Forensic Medicine Institute said Le Mesurier suffered internal bleeding and broken bones, the private DHA news agency added.

Turkish police are believed to be treating the death as suicide. 

Local media has claimed he sought help for mental health issues and his wife, Emma Hedvig Christina Winberg, reportedly told police he had had suicidal thoughts two weeks before his death.

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