Hariri Urges New Govt., Calls on Tripoli Protesters to Shun Violence


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Sunday called on the parties forming the new cabinet to speed up the process in order to "calm the popular storm," as he urged protesters hailing from Tripoli and the North to shun violence and preserve "Beirut's dignity."

“We feared for Beirut yesterday, but as usual, it has stitched the wounds of its sons from the ranks of the security forces and protesters and removed from its face the remains of anger, rioting and the smoke of blazes,” Hariri tweeted, referring to Saturday’s fierce clashes in Beirut between protesters and security forces.

“We plead to God for the recovery and safety of all those wounded and for sparing our country the threat of descending into strife,” Hariri added.

Addressing the parties forming the new government, the caretaker PM said “there is a way to calm the popular storm.”

“Stop wasting time, form the government and open the door to political and economic solutions. Keeping the army, security forces and protesters in a state of confrontation prolongs the problem and is not a solution,” Hariri said.

He added: “The last word is addressed to my people in Tripoli and the North: it saddens me when it is said that young men have been brought in your name to carry out yesterday’s acts of violence.”

“But I know that Rafik Hariri had entrusted you with Beirut’s dignity and that you are the line of defense for its safety, the conscience of the popular protests and their good face. Beware of bad company and pay attention to what the gloaters are saying about the sabotage of the capital,” Hariri went on to say.

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