Abbas Says Palestinians 'Cut All Ties' with Israel, US


Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas on Saturday announced a cut in all ties with Israel and the United States, including security cooperation.

Abbas said the peace plan unveiled by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday was in "violation of the (autonomy) accords" launched in Oslo in 1993 by Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel will have to "bear responsibility as an occupying power" for the Palestinian territories, he told an emergency Arab League meeting in Cairo.

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Missing phillipo 01 February 2020, 16:09

Questions to Abu Mazan, the President whose term of office expired over 10 years ago.
1. Where and how will you get your electricity, water, petrol, gas and food from now?
2. What will happen to your imports and exports now that you won't use Ashdod Port?
3. Where will you get the money from to pay the wages of the nearly 100,000 Palestinians who work in Israel?
4. Where will you get the money from to pay the families of the killed and imprisoned terrorists?
5. Exactly how will people now get into and out of the West Bank?
I presume that you have solutions to these questions, because no one else does.

Thumb kanaanljdid 01 February 2020, 19:56

Gros débile, tous les États de la région sont des pays d'Apartheid, c'est d'ailleurs le cas du Liban avec son système confessionnel puisse que l'on peut être Président ou Premier Ministre que selon sa famille de naissance et un Libanais né chrétien ne peut se marier avec une Libanaise née sunnite ou chiite par exemple.

Thumb kanaanljdid 01 February 2020, 19:56

In which country do you live Bigjohn ?

Missing peace 01 February 2020, 21:01

iran and its proxies will never do anything, dream on bigjohn! the palestinian cause is just a populist marketing tool to sell their propaganda to their sheep and rule as dictators... they are no better than the arab countries you stigmatize.
why didn't they do anything that would have really hurt israel so far? just talk that's all for decades.....

Missing peace 01 February 2020, 22:50

palestinians have been resisting for a long time. but iran has been also talking for decades about erasing israel from the map... what did they do? nada. hezbollah so big on talking about liberating palestine hurriedly stopped its war in 2006, remember how nasrallah promised to shower haifa and bebyond haifa with his missles? big talk again, no missiles were shot.
so if you believe now that iran will attack israel because they have set foot in syria, well dream on again...
as i said it is just a propaganda tool to stay in power and gain popularity with its sheep.
you really believe persians care about arabs? it would mean they are more arab than the arabs themselves!

Thumb canadianleb 02 February 2020, 00:04

Hey bigjohn instead of providing a typical uneducated answer, please correct me and prove that the Arabs didn't sell the Palestinians out. Were they not standing side by side with Trump and Netanyahu? Need I say more??

Thumb Geralt 02 February 2020, 12:11

Poor oh poor Palestine, occupied by the Zionist, hopefully, to be freed by the Arab in some centuries or almost a millennia from now!