‘The Call’ an Initiative Launched to ‘Salvage’ Lebanon


Amid nationwide protests ongoing since October 17 and an unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon, local and national initiatives have intensified recently in a bid to “salvage” Lebanon from collapse, MTV broadcaster reported.

The "Call,” an initiative that has gained widespread popularity locally and among the Lebanese abroad. A large segment of the public opinion following the revolutionary movement have interacted with it since its inception, according to MTV.

Behind this initiative is a group of activists who created a referendum and succeeded in delivering it to more than 33,000 Lebanese so far. They launched a website for this mission: www.nehnamichhenne.site, where people can place their votes.

The proposed rescue plan includes a number of key points that guarantee the country's transition to recovery, led by a transitional government program that has all the exceptional legislative powers to implement it, headed by Ambassador Nawaf Salam and composed of independent ministers.

The program presented to referendum offers items that refer to "financial, economic, living and social reform, liberalization of the judiciary, accountability of the corrupt and the recovery of looted funds, approval and implementation of an election law that secures democratic representation, early parliamentary elections, activation of public services, and other structural and operational reforms at the state level.”

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