Lebanon Confirms First Coronavirus Case in Plane from Iran


The first case of the novel coronavirus in Lebanon was confirmed on Friday, the health minister said, adding that two other suspected cases were being investigated.

"We confirmed the first case today," Hamad Hassan said at a press conference in Beirut. 

The COVID-19 virus was found in a 45-year-old Lebanese woman who had traveled from Qom in Iran, he said.

A medical source at the hospital where the woman is being treated told AFP that she returned from Iran with a high fever, but that her immunity was good and her condition stable.

Hamad Hassan said that all the people who were on the same flight from Iran had been contacted by the health authorities.

He said that anyone returning from Iran would be asked to observe a two-week home quarantine.

The COVID-19 outbreak first appeared in Iran on Wednesday.

Tehran has now confirmed a total 18 infections and four deaths by the SARS-like virus, which first emerged in China in late December.

Thousands of Lebanese travel to Iran every year to visit Shiite holy sites in Qom and other cities.

China on Friday raised the death toll to 2,236 -- most of them in the province of Hubei, where the virus was first detected. More than 75,000 have now been infected in China and over 1,100 abroad.

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Thumb Geralt 21 February 2020, 12:31

Many months ago, we were reassured by many 'specialists' and the BDL governor and our be-hated president (the old general in the high castle) that our financial and economic status was fine and solid until all hell broke loose!

So I am pretty cautious when I read that the Authority added: “According to the health ministry, no cases of coronavirus were caught in Lebanon.

Thumb EagleDawn 21 February 2020, 14:41

13 minutes ago Health ministry: Lebanon confirmed its first case of new coronavirus disease.

Thumb justin 21 February 2020, 15:22

لا إجراءات لكشف “كورونا” في مطار بيروت

أفادت الصحافية استيفاني يوسف عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي أنه “من وقت ما بلشت قصة فيريس “كورونا” رحت مرتين على لبنان”، وتابعت، “ثاني مرة الاسبوع الماضي واليوم غادرت، ما كان في ولا إجراء وقائي لرصد الحالات المصابة بالفيروس”. وأوضحت اهنا لم ترى “الكاميرات الحرارية وما شفت ولا موظف بالمطار لابس كمامة أو كفوف”، “بينعدوا ع أصابع الإيد الوحدة الناس يلي كانت آخذة احتياطاتها متلي”.


Thumb marcus 21 February 2020, 16:25

Listen to this incompetent medical doctor, just listen!!!!

حسن: يجب الاهتمام بالنظافة والطلب من كافة القادمين من إيران للبقاء في الحجر المنزليّ لمدّة 14 يوماً۔

Self-quarantine at home??? So, we should trust these people to stay at home and not mix with anybody? Are we to assume they live alone????

You pos!

Thumb warrior 22 February 2020, 04:40

Criminal Act!

Thumb marcus 21 February 2020, 16:33

عدما اعلن وزير الصحة حمد حسن عن أول حالة “كورونا” يتمّ اكتشافها من خلال الإجراءات الوقائية المتّخذة في مطار بيروت، كشفت مصادر طبية أن المصابة (ت. ص.) بصحة جيدة ولا عوارض حرارة عليها، لكنها حاملة المرض وهي كانت في زيارة إلى إيران، وتعلم أنها مصابة وأبلغت المعنيين في المطار بذلك، ونقلتها وزارة الصحة الى المستشفى وهي الآن موضوعة في الحجر الصحي في مستشفى رفيق الحريري”.

This pos is telling us he and his ministry discovered the case while in reality the irresponsible woman knew she had the virus when she left Iran. Yet, she boarded the plane and when she landed in Lebanon she told airport personnel she was infected without giving a damn about infecting other passengers!

Thumb justin 21 February 2020, 16:48

Look at the name plate of the minister: as big as his ego


Thumb Mordekaiser 21 February 2020, 17:43

Oh I notice that you're the same as Flamethrower and Mystic just on the other side of the aisle

Thumb Mordekaiser 21 February 2020, 17:43

Oh I notice that you're the same as Flamethrower and Mystic just on the other side of the aisle

Thumb Mordekaiser 21 February 2020, 17:43

Oh I notice that you're the same as Flamethrower and Mystic just on the other side of the aisle

Thumb Mordekaiser 21 February 2020, 17:43

Oh I notice that you're the same as Flamethrower and Mystic just on the other side of the aisle

Thumb roflmfao 22 February 2020, 02:05

Dude.. I've notices that.. you're posting the same message.. multiple times... You need to take it easy on your computer mouse... You should click it with just one finger.. not with the whole foot.. it's computer.. not a sewing machine!..

Thumb Mordekaiser 21 February 2020, 17:44

Oh I notice that you're the same as Flamethrower and Mystic just on the other side of the aisle

Missing samiam 21 February 2020, 17:45

Fake doctor and real disease---no more flights from Iran and kizb may start to panic.

Thumb hakwaji 21 February 2020, 18:04

oh I noticed you like to repeat yourself like a parrot

Thumb Mordekaiser 21 February 2020, 19:19

Naharnet has a horrible website that needs to be updated...
Mystic be like: Saudi scum, Zionist traitor, CIA spy
S.O.S be like: Iranian scum, Chinese traitor, KGB spy

same mould, different flavor

Thumb warrior 22 February 2020, 04:38

This government and it ministry of health are criminals. They allowed the passengers on the iranian plane to enter Lebanon without placing them in Quarantine, a must do procedure! The iranian owned Ghassan Bin Jiddo of Mayadeen was on the same plane. All what the health ministry did was give them masks!

مدير الميادين على متن الطائرة الإيرانية

Thumb justin 22 February 2020, 08:11

تسجيل صوتي لمستشار وزير الصحة اللبناني رياض فضل الله أكّد فيه تواجده بالطائرة الآتية من مدينة قم الإيرانية إلى بيروت والتي نقلت المرأة المصابة بفيروس “كورونا”.

If the advisor to the health minister was on the same plane and went home to his family friends what do you expect from this incompetent government?


Thumb ex-fpm 22 February 2020, 09:00

Flights to and from Iran should have been stopped weeks ago. This has not been done yet risking people's lives because the iranian militia aka hezbollah which controls Lebanon has not approved it yet. It is on these flights that hezbollah's cash money and sophisticated weapons from Iran are transported.

Thumb ansarullah 22 February 2020, 11:18

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Thumb Geralt 22 February 2020, 11:41

MordeKaiser, MordeBassil, MerdeBassil...

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 22 February 2020, 15:49

All that Lebanon now needs is another curse : COVID-19 or new coronavirus ! Iran is on the hot seat.

Missing cedars 22 February 2020, 20:21

The idiots let the passengers go home then went home looking for them to quarantine them.

Missing cedars 22 February 2020, 20:22

Stop the flight to and from Iran immediately. Consider Iran as China.