Israeli Jets Stage Mock Raids, Overfly Many Regions


Israeli warplanes on Monday staged mock raids at medium altitude over the southern Lebanese regions of Nabatiyeh and Iqlim al-Tuffah, the National News Agency said.

Israeli jets also overflew Metn, Rashaya and Western Bekaa at medium altitude and Hasbaya , al-Orqoub, Mount Hermon and the occupied Shebaa Farms at low altitude, NNA said.

Israel has intensified its overflights in Lebanon's airspace in recent days.

On Saturday, it accused Hizbullah of "provocative" activity along the Lebanese-Israeli frontier and said it would complain to the U.N. Security Council.

In a statement, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz accused Hizbullah of multiple attempts to breach the border Friday night. He said Israel "thoroughly condemns" the incident and expects the Lebanese government to prevent such threats.

On Friday night, the Israeli military fired flares along the volatile frontier after signs of a possible border breach. It said it later found damage to its security fence, just inside Israeli territory, in three locations.

Israel and Hizbullah fought a month-long war in 2006 that ended in a stalemate. Under a U.N.-brokered truce, Hizbullah is barred from conducting military activity along the frontier.

There was no immediate comment from Hizbullah, but in recent days, both Hizbullah and the Lebanese government have accused Israel of violating Lebanese airspace.

Earlier this week, Hizbullah said an Israeli drone destroyed one of its vehicles in neighboring Syria near the Lebanese border, and Lebanon has reported Israeli drones flying over the capital Beirut. Lebanese soldiers also faced off with Israeli troops along the frontier.

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Israeli Jets Stage Mock Raids

Why not the real ones?

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