Erdogan Slams Macron's 'Show' in Lebanon


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday hit out at his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron for visiting Lebanon in the wake of its devastating blast in Beirut earlier this month, accusing him of "putting on a show."

"Macron's concern is to bring back a colonialist structure. We don't have desires like that," he said, without directly criticizing France's plans in the region.

Macron said on Wednesday France would strengthen its military presence in the Mediterranean region with the cooperation of European partners, including Greece.

Longstanding tension between Turkey and EU member state Greece escalated when Ankara resumed energy exploration in the region off the Greek island of Kastellorizo on Monday.

Turkey dispatched the research ship Oruc Reis accompanied by naval vessels, prompting Greece to send its own ships to the area to monitor Turkey's work.

Erdogan told a meeting of his ruling party's provincial leaders that he wanted to resolve the emerging crisis "through dialogue and negotiations", accusing Athens of harbouring "ill-will."

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Missing cedars 13 August 2020, 15:32

Shut up idiot..better than the osman colonist. At least the French came to help meanwhile you showed off on the press instead of showing up on ground zero.

Default-user-icon Barbarossa (Guest) 13 August 2020, 17:04

You are the stupid one to believe France's intentions. France doesnt give a tiny crap about Lebanon ,they only came to show Turkey that they are there. Open your eyes, fool!

Missing un520 13 August 2020, 15:50

What an idiot! His bomb towards humanity was to make Hagia Sofia a mosque again, using religion to cover up for his disastrous economic and political performance.

Thumb galaxy 13 August 2020, 16:25

Not to defend this dictator, but knowing history also helps.

عكس ما جرى بآيا صوفيا.. هذه المساجد تحوّلت إلى كنائس على مر التاريخ (صور)عكس-ما-جرى-بآيا-صوفيا-هذه-المساجد-تحوّلت-إلى-كنائس

Default-user-icon Giorgos (Guest) 14 August 2020, 03:09

The church was built in the 5th century
It was converted to a mosque by force in the 15th century
Knowing Mathematics might help Increase your IQ level

Thumb lebnanfirst 13 August 2020, 19:53

Not so @s.o.s. We agree on much but...
Erdogan is the other face of political Islam mirroring Iran’s.
Separation of mosque and state is so far the best course forward for the Arab and moslem world in general. Check out those moslem nations that chose this course as the best example.

Missing kazan 13 August 2020, 16:19

Yet another proof when the people of one country are not united, their country becomes a punching bag for others. Therefore Lebanese people instead of focussing on your religious differences you better focus on the rootcause of your common misery

Missing rabiosa 13 August 2020, 17:04

Another blow hard dictator that's non Arab interfering in internal affairs of Arab countries. He's already in Libya, Syria and now wants full entrance into Lebanon.

No wonder Turkey will never be admitted fully into the EU.

Lebanese markets are flooded with Turkish goods just like Iranian goods.

Default-user-icon Barbarossa (Guest) 13 August 2020, 17:18

You all mad because Erdogan is pain in you throat lol...look at how childish and arrogant your comments are. Leave this to the politicians who have a meaningful point of views and measure things logically.

"Oh macron is better , oh look at the dictator, oh Hagia Sophia is a crime"

The turkish train will proceed while you have limited thoughts.

Default-user-icon Yuliyana (Guest) 13 August 2020, 21:18 is none of his business actually and I bet million times, the Lebanese will choose France than Turkey at any given time.

Default-user-icon Yusuf (Guest) 13 August 2020, 21:52

What's he doing in Lybia? Is it his backyard?

Missing lebonknees4peace 13 August 2020, 22:49

Leave us alone you Ottoman showpiece!

Default-user-icon Cadmus (Guest) 14 August 2020, 01:00

Erdogan dares to talk about "colonialist" France pretending to forget about his Ottoman aspirations in Syria, Iraq, Cyprus and Libya to name a few. Leave Lebanon alone and take care of your own problems. The Ottoman Empire is history and will remain that way.

Default-user-icon Houssam (Guest) 14 August 2020, 23:11

May God forgive my people they know not what they say. Solidarity among you to guarantee your homeland

Default-user-icon Adonis (Guest) 15 August 2020, 09:03

Goerges and galaxy are racist stupid people. You deserve a good lebanon, you made Lebanon what it is, because you let our politicians use your religious fears.
Shame on you!
It's politics, today it's a mosque tomorrow it's a church, later maybe a night club, who cares. Important that you stand for your rights.