Kubis: No Action on Reforms, No Support for Lebanon


The UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis said Friday that leaders in Lebanon were again reminded that without reforms to gain the trust of Lebanese people and international community there will be no support.

“The international conference in support of the Lebanese people co-chaired by the UN and France once again reminded the leaders of Lebanon of the urgency of effective implementation of the reforms,” said Kubis on twitter.

He added that reforms “are absolutely critical for regaining the trust of the people and of the international community, for the engagement of the international community in support of Lebanon.”

The UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon said the international community has expressed concern over delayed investigation into the colossal Beirut port explosion that killed at least 200 individuals and wounded thousands on August 4.

“Four months on, its participants now added concern about the delays in the investigation into the Beirut port blast. No action – no support,” he stated.

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Missing phillipo 04 December 2020, 13:38

Doesn't Mr. Kubis understand yet that the Lebanese politicians do not want an end to this crisis, and end which will virtually deprive them of the power that they hold over the country at the moment.
If the crisis were resolved from where exactly would they be getting more millions to continue lining their already packed pockets.

Thumb akashyadav241@ 04 December 2020, 17:26

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Missing arturo 04 December 2020, 17:30

Kubis is oblivious to the reality that Hezbollah controls the government and won't allow reforms that dilute its power.