Geagea: If I Were the President, I Would Have Resigned


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea criticized the “incompetent” ruling authority on Saturday and indirectly urged President Michel Aoun to step aside.

“If I were the President, I would have resigned,” said Geagea in remarks at a meeting of the Strong Republic bloc.

The LF chief said the entire ruling authority in Lebanon “should step aside,” as the country grapples with an unprecedented economic and financial crisis, amid the paralysis of authorities.

“The sequence of events proved that the ruling group is incompetent and nonviable. The crisis has recently become a crisis of powers of positions while the battle is not a battle of powers and the problem is not between Muslims and Christians, but rather the ruling class that brought the country to where we are,” said Geagea.

He added that “the only solution is to stage early parliamentary elections.”

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Thumb Puppet 19 December 2020, 15:15

Dactor Geagea has earned my utmost respect and captured my wildest imagination for many reasons chief among them:

1) Vehemently opposing proportional representation
2) Vehemently supporting proportional representation
3) Having reservations on the Policy Statement
4) Having No Hostility towards Hezbollah
5) Abiding by the 3 No-No's Rule
6) Supporting a Made-In-Lebanon President elected by an illegitimate Parliament
7) Supporting a Strong State without the presence of 'Illegitimate Armed Groups'
8) His love for Algebra and Equations
9) Assuring us the Cedar Revolution is well and alive

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 19 December 2020, 16:33

Best doctor, ever!

Default-user-icon zaza (Guest) 19 December 2020, 16:39


Thumb ansarullah 19 December 2020, 17:14

Counver or Diye
Shia Shia Shia !!!

Missing kazan 19 December 2020, 18:29

it is the first and the last time that I am replying to your comment(s).
People of your kind are in every religion , you are not different than the extremist Shia, Sunni, Maronite or Druze you all have one thing in common,you are the biggest enemy for your own country.

Thumb thepatriot 20 December 2020, 10:39

I completely agree with Geagea. At least he resigned after the Revolution began.

Missing 1948 21 December 2020, 11:58

he should be in jail for life.

Missing phillipo 21 December 2020, 13:29

If you were President, this wouldn't have happened.