Hariri Voices ‘Solidarity’ with Saudi Arabia


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri condemned on Tuesday the constant attacks by Yemeni Huthi rebels at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The Huthi attacks on Riyadh are condemned Iranian messages that aim to sabotage peaceful solutions for the crisis in Yemen,” said Hariri in a tweet.

He voiced “solidarity with the Kingdom and with its leadership as it faces the challenges and dangers.”

Saudi Arabia state media said on Saturday that a "hostile target" over Riyadh was intercepted.

The kingdom has come under repeated attack from Yemen's Iran-backed Huthi rebels since 2015.

Saudi Arabia has been repeatedly targeted by the Huthis since its 2015 intervention in Yemen, where it leads a military coalition that includes the United Arab Emirates that backs the government.

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Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 26 January 2021, 17:01

Thank you Mr. Hariri for representing the Lebanese people's wishes for "support"! Solidarity for the regime who jailed you as a sitting PM and embarrassed our nation! Puppet.

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 26 January 2021, 18:41

Our whole political class is an embarrassment. Between Gido Michel, MBS and Bibi's pet hamster Geagea and Mr. Irrelevant Saad we're in a great spot.