Aoun, Hariri Have Reportedly Resolved 2 Out of 4 Obstacles


President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri have managed to resolve two out of four hurdles delaying the formation of the new government, an informed political source said.

The two points that they settled in their Thursday meeting were “the interior portfolio obstacle” and “the mechanism of naming Christian ministers belonging to the share of the President and the Free Patriotic Movement,” the source told ad-Diyar newspaper in remarks published Sunday.

The unresolved two points were “the issue of the one-third-plus-one share and the government’s shape,” the source added.

“Hariri held onto the 18-seat format while Aoun is demanding a government of 20 ministers,” the source explained.

Aoun and Hariri are scheduled to hold another meeting on Monday.

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Thumb 21 March 2021, 15:22

The president doesn’t have a “share”, they should carefully read the constitution.

What was once granted as a courtesy isn’t an obligation, and I add it’s anti democratic.

Thumb thepatriot 22 March 2021, 13:25