LF Chief Contracts Coronavirus


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea tested positive for coronavirus, his media office announced Friday.

The statement from his office said Geagea felt unwell over three consecutive days. He underwent a PCR test that turned positive. However, his spouse, Setrida Geagea tested negative.

Lebanon recorded 2,963 cases and 60 deaths on Friday, bringing the total number of cases to 474,925 and 6,346 deaths since the first case was detected in February 2020.

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Missing un520 03 April 2021, 21:20

Get well soon, Geagea. We need someone to speak up against the ruling majority.

Thumb thepatriot 04 April 2021, 03:01

I don’t like him, but he is one of the only voices raised against Ebola!

Thumb boulos1010 04 April 2021, 03:05

Get well