Report: Paris Says Sanctions on Obstructors in Lebanon Drawing Closer


Diplomatic sources from the French capital reported that Paris is likely to issue imminent punitive steps against parties delaying the formation of a government in Lebanon, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Tuesday.

The sources also spoke of a “strongly-worded” statement that will be issued by the Elysee or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, preceding or associated with these sanctions.

The diplomatic sources say that French officials view with suspicion and concern the escalation of political tension in Lebanon, which they say appears to be contrived, worsening and complicating the crisis even more.

Paris and the international community share the same concern over the situation in Lebanon, and have therefore repeatedly urged Lebanese leaders through relentless communication channels to assume responsibility towards their country.

“Time is very short, Paris’s commitment to impose sanctions is a final obligation. Certainly, the French position after the sanctions will take an ascending form, unless the Lebanese side issues sure and urgent signals that contradict all the previous course, and reflect a serious and tangible direction of a firm commitment to the French initiative and the formation of a government,” French sources in Paris said on condition of anonymity.

“In conclusion, the ball today is in the court of the obstructors to take advantage of the opportunity that is still available to Lebanese leaders to reach this understanding and avoid pressures and sanctions,” they added.

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Missing cedars 13 April 2021, 13:55

Are you copying the Same magnesky decre?

Missing kazan 13 April 2021, 16:56

Macron: the best way to Help is to provide the needed support for "the coalition of the unified electoral bloc". They are the real Lebanese who know how to implement the expected new reforms.

Missing rabiosa 13 April 2021, 17:04

All talk. Nothing will happen and no one will be sanctioned. Even if they do, nothing will change.