Prominent Lebanese Composer Samir Sfeir 'Arrested' in KSA


Prominent Lebnaese music composer Samir Sfeir was arrested days ago in Saudi Arabia following his arrival in the kingdom at the invitation of a Saudi information ministry official, media reports said.

Al-Akhbar newspaper said the Lebanese Foreign Ministry contacted the Saudi embassy in Beirut over the issue after which Sfeir’s wife was granted a permission to visit him.

“But when she went to see him, she was not allowed to,” al-Akhbar added.

“Up until Monday evening, Saudi authorities were refusing to respond to the Lebanese requests for information about the reasons behind his arrest,” the daily said.

Sfeir is a vocal supporter of President Michel Aoun and his Free Patriotic Movement. He has also voiced support on Twitter for Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. News about his disappearance or arrest in the kingdom have sparked a wave of solidarity with him among Lebanese social media users, especially those who support Aoun and the FPM.

A media report meanwhile said that Sfeir was arrested a week ago after his Saudi residence was raided by over ten unarmed Saudi security agents.

“They asked him to give them his laptop and he answered that he did not have any laptop. When they asked him about the other devices that he owns, he handed them two iPhones – one containing a Lebanese line and the other a Saudi line,” the report said.

The agents then “searched the house carefully without finding any contraband material. They then took Sfeir along with his two devices to the Dalhoun prison,” the report added.

“Sfeir has only communicated with his family one time to inform them of his whereabouts,” the report said.

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Thumb 27 April 2021, 19:13


What a double idiot

First, for supporting the destroyers of Lebanon.
Second, for falling into a dumb trap.

Let them “reeducate” him like the Chinese do to the Muslims.

Thumb galaxy 27 April 2021, 19:22

Execute him!

Thumb doodle-dude 27 April 2021, 19:29

lol @ al-Akhbar added
lol @ vocal supporter of President Michel Aoun
lol @ voiced support on Twitter for Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Thumb justice 27 April 2021, 19:39

Next should be Charbel Khalil

Thumb marcus 27 April 2021, 19:50

He reminds me of Khashogshi

Thumb warrior 27 April 2021, 20:57

He is an Iranian implant and got exposed.

Thumb 27 April 2021, 21:16

You’re completely wrong! It isn’t an opinion. A terrorism apologist is a felon in many countries, in KSA but also in France and elsewhere.

Try saying that you stand by Bin Laden or Baghdadi in Paris and watch what will happen to you.

Thumb justin 27 April 2021, 21:31

سمير صفير من التلحين الى الشتم...

Thumb justin 27 April 2021, 21:32

Default-user-icon R (Guest) 27 April 2021, 23:41

Allowing comments like these on the Naharnet is unacceptable! your paper should be shut closed. This tells me that you stand against freedom of expression, and you support what happened with Khashoukgi in Turkey. Shame on you. this is not something political, this is suppression of people opinions. this is for you naharnet, I know you wouldn't post my comment because you are very polarized, even when you act not.

Thumb justice 28 April 2021, 11:41

What bothered you about the comments pos?

Thumb marcus 28 April 2021, 12:55

I guess you're used to the aouni freedom of expression or better still the iranian model of freedom of expression.

Missing cedars 28 April 2021, 01:25

Did he insult mtv reporter Jocelyn akeeki and harassed her during the sawra revolt in 2019?
Time to pay the price dude.