5 Protesters Hurt on Lebanon-Israel Border as Hundreds March in Beirut


Scores of Palestinians and Lebanese protesting along the Lebanese border with Israel threw rocks and climbed the cement wall snaking around the frontier on Tuesday, drawing tear gas and smoke bombs from Israeli forces.

Lebanon's National News Agency said five people were injured and others suffered from smoke inhalation. A number of protesters in the Lebanese border village of Adaisseh had climbed the wall to plant Lebanese flags and the yellow flags of Hizbullah.

It was the fifth straight day of protests along the border as support for the Palestinians swelled against an Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of protesters also marched in Lebanon's capital on Tuesday in support of Gaza, which has been under Israeli airstrikes since last week. The march went from Beirut's refugee camp of Mar Elias toward the city center.

On Monday, rockets fired from Lebanon fell inside Lebanese territory.

Last week, the Israeli army shot and killed one protester along the border. Hizbullah later identified the young man killed as one of its supporters.

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Thumb i.report 18 May 2021, 19:26

Why isn’t Joseph Aoun sending his men to arrest the troublemakers? Because he’s a corrupt pos.