Ogero Chairman Says Power Cuts to Affect Services


Chairman Director General at the state-run internet company OgeroTelecom voiced alarm on Sunday that the company’s services would gravely be affected by the continuous rise in power rationing.

“The continuous rise in power rationing is causing enormous pressures on Ogero's power generation groups amid an increasing demand for fuels, which have also become scarce,” said Ogero chairman Imad Kreidieh in a tweet.

He said the continuous rise in power cuts will seriously affect the services the internet company provides to the Lebanese.

“If the situation continues in this manner, it seriously threatens Ogero's ability to provide services,” he added.

Lebanon’s electricity crisis worsens each day amid the country’s unprecedented economic and financial crisis, and an inability to provide electricity.

Even the owners of power generators, who usually compensate for the state’s shortening to supplying the country with power, are threatening to cut electricity supply for up to 5 hours next week amid a sharp fuel shortage.

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