World Bank Says Lebanon Crisis Threatens its Military Institution


The World Bank put high emphasis in a series of reports and statements it made recently on the deteriorating conditions inside Lebanon’s military institution.

On Wednesday, the Bank cautioned saying that Lebanon’s “economic collapse is putting unprecedented pressure on the operational capabilities of the Lebanese army.”

It also said the army is now threatened with one of the worst financial collapses.”

Meanwhile, a military official told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity on Wednesday that “providing support for the army is crucial to avoid Lebanon falling into chaos.” He said the “leadership is concerned about developments in the security situation and the ability to deal with this issue."

Earlier in June, it said in a report that Lebanon's economic collapse is likely to rank among the world's worst financial crises since the mid-19th century.

France is convening a virtual fundraising conference Thursday seeking emergency aid, after army chief General Jospeh Aoun visited Paris last month pleading for assistance. France warned that Lebanon’s military “may no longer be able to fully implement their missions which are essential to the country’s stability.”

The U.S., the army’s largest backer, has pledged to increase aid in 2021.

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Default-user-icon Liberty (Guest) 16 June 2021, 14:05

Lebanon crisis is created by the two funny duo: Aoun and Basil. These are the ones the international community should deal with to stop us going to hell. And the only way is to boot both of them out. As for me, I am praying to Jesus to unplug this evil Aoun from earth, who would then be lifted to hell with the devil.