Israel Defense Minister Offers Lebanon ‘Humanitarian Aid’


Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has offered Lebanon humanitarian aid due to the difficult economic conditions the country is going through, Israeli media reports said.

Gantz officially made this offer through the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on Tuesday.

The minister had said Sunday that “as an Israeli, Jew and human being,” his heart “aches” when he sees “images of people going hungry on the streets of Lebanon.”

Gantz voiced his remarks during an inauguration ceremony of a memorial for the fallen soldiers of the pro-Israel, now-defunct South Lebanon Army, in the Israeli town of Metulla.

He stressed that Israel is “ready to take action, as it did in the past, to influence other countries to help Lebanon prosper and get out of its suffocating crisis.”

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Default-user-icon Chris (Guest) 06 July 2021, 18:01

If you really cared for Lebanon and the Lebanese you would take back the Palestinian refugees which you aim to settle in Lebanon. This would immediately cause a stop to hostilities between the two countries.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 07 July 2021, 12:08

Before you make this request of Israel, why don't you ask your nassrallah and Aoun to ask their boss in Syria to take back the 2 million so-called Syrian refugees.

Default-user-icon ChristianLebanese (Guest) 06 July 2021, 18:27

Imagine that Huzbullah's Nasrallah has asked yesterday the Lebanese to suffer until his "Muqawama" liberates Jerusalem, while Israel is stretching its hands to help Lebanon prosper. What a conflicting statement. One of a Lebanese, whose heart has never been Lebanese but Iranian, asking the whole of Lebanon to suffer and remain silent, while an enemy wanting to help us prosper and stand again on our own feet. A really weird world indeed. This comes to solidify our case that Huzbullah is our real enemy and not Israel. We all should ask for Nasrallah to be shipped to Iran, where he could act as he pleases.

Thumb Spotter 06 July 2021, 18:44

A shia troll disguised as a cheesecake spotted
logged tagged and processed

Thumb justice 06 July 2021, 19:53


Missing phillipo 06 July 2021, 19:25

Your question - I read that the Israelis offered the PA a million doses, but they refused to accept them.
Your statement - so you would rather starve, have no electricity, gas, or other essentials than have them sent to you from Israel. Great thinking, that way you'll get what you deserve.

Default-user-icon No Hez No israel (Guest) 06 July 2021, 20:56

They rejected them because Israel offered them expired doses, and the palestinians had to give them non expired doses when they received them in return. I dont like the palestinians but we should still not be blinded by the false "good deeds" of the israelis. They dont care about us, all they care about is showing the world they are not the monsters they really are

Missing phillipo 06 July 2021, 19:29

"The fact that they are honoring the SLA thugs who used to torture people and caused mayhem"
On the other hand you are most willing to accept "assistance" from Iranian terrorists, whose new President was responsible for thousands of deaths after the revolution, and whose Hizballah thugs have killed thousnands of Lebanese civilians.
Good luck to you.

Missing singldad 06 July 2021, 19:39

move to Iran

Thumb justice 06 July 2021, 19:51

Are Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon getting the Pfizer vaccine by the Lebanese health ministry?

Thumb ashtah 06 July 2021, 20:17

No, they are not!

Default-user-icon abo ali (Guest) 07 July 2021, 04:09

Israel is the best! you gonna need the aid trust me, you need aids not just aid lol