Line-Up that Hariri Submitted to Aoun Revealed


Al-Jadeed television, which held a lengthy interview with resigned PM-designate Saad Hariri overnight, has published the line-up that the PM-designate submitted to President Michel Aoun prior to his resignation.

Below is the draft line-up presented by Hariri:

- Sunnis: Saad Hariri (PM), Walid al-Akoum (Interior), Firass al-Abiad (Health), Lubna Misqawi (Justice), Nasser Yassine (Environment)

- Shiites: Youssef Khalil (Finance), Ibrahim Shahrour (Public Works), Maya Kanaan (Labor), Abdullah Nassereddine (Administrative Development), Jihad Murtada (Culture)

- Druze: Abbas al-Halabi (Education), Fouad Hassan (Minister of the Displaced)

- Maronites: Fadia Kiwan (Foreign Affairs), Firas Abi Nassif (Telecom), Lara Hanna (Agriculture), Salim Hani (Social Affairs), Walid Nassar (Tourism)

- Greek Orthodox: Joe Saddi (Deputy PM), Antoine Chedid (Defense), Saadeh al-Shami (Economy)

- Greek Catholic: Carole Ayyat (Energy), Fadi Samaha (Industry)

- Armenians and Minorities: Garabet Slikhanian (Youth and Sport), Joe Mila (Information)

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Missing phillipo 16 July 2021, 14:11

So what exactly is wrong with such a varied government. Except that President Aoun can not control it.

Thumb Marc 16 July 2021, 16:57

Michel Aoun is a miserable failure.

Thumb canadianleb 16 July 2021, 18:36

Until people realise that the majority of people in Lebanon are LEBANESE nothing will change...

Default-user-icon Lebbos (Guest) 16 July 2021, 22:47

What about the atheists? Can we get representation?

Thumb 16 July 2021, 23:20

‘Greek orthodox’ ‘Greek Catholics’ ‘Armenians and minorities’

These denominations must cease to exist ! Are they Lebanese or Greek/Armenians? Is there such a thing as Turkish or Kurdish Sunnis or Iraqi Shias in our elections?