Gen. Aoun to Troops: Don’t Allow Anyone to Question Your Faith in Your Country


The Army Commander General Joseph Aoun issued Friday an order to the military on the occasion of the seventy-sixth anniversary of the Army Day.

Aoun said that Army Day this year comes a few days before the port explosion first anniversary, and “amid a strong economic and financial crisis and the continuing outbreak of Coronavirus.”

He thanked the Army for proving to be “the unifying national institution that has won the confidence of the people and the world,” and for showing “professionalism and adopting the highest standards of transparency in dealing with humanitarian and security files.”

“Do not allow anyone to take advantage of the poor living conditions to question your faith in your country and your institution,” Aoun cautioned, adding that "it is not allowed under any circumstances to plunge the country into chaos and destabilize its security and stability."

He also warned about “additional challenges” and ordered the army “to be ready to face them with wisdom, patience and deliberation” and to be “up to our people’s and the international community’s aspirations.”

Aoun added that “the Israeli enemy has recently increased its threats against Lebanon and threatened to launch a new war” and that the army is constantly “watching the border” to confront “the Israeli danger,” in addition to other challenges like “terrorism, the fight against drugs, smuggling and illegal immigration.”

He also paid tribute to the martyrs who “protected Lebanon and its people,” adding that the army will remain loyal to its oath “no matter how severe the difficulties and challenges are.”

Aoun advised the Army not to listen to “rumors,” reassuring them that his concern “has been and will remain the military and their families,” and his priority “has been and will remain the protection and fortification of the military institution.”

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Missing mcessen1 30 July 2021, 20:29

Wonder how long the military and security forces will remain loyal and following orders? They might rebel and split because they and their families are starving and suffering as well. The return of a sectarian dark period indeed. An armed revolution and brief civil war followed by a western coalition international intervention might be the only solution. History always repeats itself.

Thumb 30 July 2021, 20:39

عون : السرطان

Default-user-icon Eli (Guest) 31 July 2021, 04:34

Coward, puppet to the corrupt and the other Aoun the traitor of the people and the country

Default-user-icon LebanonFirst (Guest) 31 July 2021, 06:46

There is only one solution which he should take and this is to takeover the country by force, establish a military rule for a transient period, and then change the law in the country, where election of representatives of the people should be based on meritocracy and not religious affiliation, and then handover the rule to these individual who would appoint a PM to govern properly. I am sure in a year's time, Lebanon would stand tall and honorable.

Thumb galaxy 31 July 2021, 07:05

A useless corrupt institution from top to bottom. I had to laugh at: "He also paid tribute to the martyrs who “protected Lebanon and its people,”.